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Who else missed their 10th anniversary here yesterday?

Asked by ucme (50047points) December 13th, 2019
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I know I did, passed me by completely unoticed until someone pm’ed me to say.
I didn’t see the message until this morning & so the landmark was gone.

I know a ton of folks piled over from Answerbag on or around the same day as me & so they may have been unaware as well.

It doesn’t really matter much, but feel it would have been nice for the 10yr veterans to have acknowledged the event in some small but fun way.

Anyway, yeah…a decade here!
How the hell did that happen? :D

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I saw today, when I was looking at my page, that I am a member for ten years too (a few months earlier though; July).
Yeah, that’s a pretty long time already.
For you guys, that all came here together, in a way, it would have been nice to have a celebration of sorts.
Maybe now?!

Congratz to all who are here 3651 days already!!

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I came over a day before you but quit for awhile so I can’t celebrate.
No fruit basket for me

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@ucme We share the same anniversary. Hooray for Fluther! Hooray for us!

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@Hawaii_Jake This is what I’m saying, a ton of us migrated from the arse pit that was Answerbag lol & that was a mass migration over a short period of time, maybe a week or so.

Therefore, those who still remain, will have had the same anniversary.
I just wondered if, like me, they didn’t notice!

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Congratulations Ucme. I can honestly say you’re one of my favorite jellies of all time. I appreciate the laughs, the real conversations and your super positive outlook. Very inspiring!

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@KNOWITALL Awww shucks, you’re just sayin that aintcha?
I totally just said that as the cowardly lion by the way :D
Listen, I didn’t ask this for congrats but will embrace gleefully any that come my way…I’m that shallow! lol

Cheers anyway pet, lurve you too :-)

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@ucme Nope, I mean it. :)

And I’m watching Love Island UK, so be prepared for lots more word questions.

Crack on! What what!

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@KNOWITALL Happy viewing!

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Me too on December 11th 2009 as my first account as TallJasperMan.

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I remember my first night here well!
Pitch forks & torches were brandished like candy on Halloween night.
My word, the patrons were not best pleased we rocked up & pissed in their pool.
Like I say, 10 years…how in the name of the baby jesus did I last that long? :D

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@lucillelucillelucille Of course you can still celebrate! I think we have all stepped back for awhile and came back. You do get a fruit basket!

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I guess there are no special rooms or parties in the mansion for anniversary observers…

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I didn’t, because my 10th is the 14th (today); thanks for the reminder.

According to Wiki, tomorrow will be the 4th anniversary of Canswerbag’s demise. :-)

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Not demise, but cancellation.

Apparently it’s returned, despite of our surgical migration. ;-)

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Yeah…..almost there too. It’s been a great source of comfort during trying times.

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Happy anniversary to one and all. Let the Xmas celebration s begin!

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Yikes! May 26th was my anniversary. It’s been over 10½ years!
At the time, I was worried about my rotten prostate.
No worries now.

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I hit 10 years back in April, but didn’t know it until now.
this lack of self awareness is probably healthier than obsessing over such things.

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No one is obsessing over it :D
Maybe if you were more self aware you’d have picked up on this as is glaringly obvious throughout the details/thread!

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Well, what do you know? I started here 3/25/09. It’s all @Caravanfan’s fault I think. Or maybe’s fault.

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Ten years?! Pfftt..I’m working on eleven years, seven months. Damn young‘ns.

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^11 years, 4 months for me.

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@chyna: Very nice! ::fist bump::

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Ahh, but what about weeks, days, hours & seconds eh?

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^ Nah. No need to be petty.

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You started it, so there :p

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I hope that in my 10 years in Fluther that I was helpful and/or entertaining. The best advice that worked for me is to go for a walk.

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@RedDeerGuy1: You have certainly been both helpful and entertaining. An all around good Jelly in all your iterations.

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