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Does Danny DeVito have dwarfism, or is he just small?

Asked by ragingloli (51251points) December 13th, 2019
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Is he more of a Verne Troyer, or more of a Napoleon Bonaparte?

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He and Steve Martin got small back in the ‘70s. DeVito kept getting small though while Martin got help.

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We are all just tall.

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Neither. He is short, but not small.

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According to Danny, he’s 4 ft 11–¾ inches short. I think dwarf’s maximum height is 4 ft 8 inches, so Danny is small in stature and fluffy around. I find him so funny that I don’t notice and it really doesn’t matter as he’s very talented and a giant at what he does

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Napoleon was actually above average height at the time, so him being really short is just a misconception. Danny DeVito is just really short.

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He has no neck to speak of, so I can only assume he used to be Betty Boop before his transition.

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His growth was stunted by his previous employment. The fumes from all the hair care products caused his shortedness.

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I always think of him as just short. He fairly in proportion, although you can have a type of dwarfism and be in proportion. I think it’s 4’10” or shorter to technically be a dwarf, so if he’s 4’11” he’s just short technically. Although, interestingly, I think the cut off is the same for men and women. I wonder if I’m remembering that right?

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