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To the people with inflatable Christmas lawn decorations: What the hell are you thinking?

Asked by Kraigmo (8734points) December 22nd, 2019
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To the People with inflatable Christmas lawn decorations:
You inflate those things by night. At night, they might look pretty good, but often are tacky.
But by day…. you deflate them, and they lay around your lawn all day looking like trash.
What the hell are you thinking when you do this?
Even if they look good at night, is it really worth the payoff, to have that junk laying around all day looking like a bunch of littered garbage bags?

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The inflatable Christmas stuff reflects the airheadedness of their owners.

It is symbolic of the hot air that a lot of religion represents.

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Ha, Ha, Ha.

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Why would one deflate them during the day?
That’s what I would like to know?
Doesn’t make sense.
I can hardly believe it.

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@rebbel you should see my neighbor’s house 2-doors down. I am looking out my window now. Last night there was a 12-foot inflated Santa, with a backlight. Now (10:00am) the vinyl is deflated, looking like an unkempt pile of rags that are bright red.

Of course, tonight Santa will be erect again.

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Why would you put up any elaborate decorations anyway?
Just put a Santa hat on your shrubbery or post box and call it a day.

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@elbanditoroso But the why escapes me.
Does it need continuous air flow?
It’s not like an inflatable kayak (in that it has a stop)?
Is it forbidden to inflate Christmas ornaments between 7am and 7pm?

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Well, Bah Humbug to all you Scrooges who harshly judge anybody who dares to have harmless fun over any holidays.

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@rebbel the guy near me has a small air pump that runs constantly. to keep Santa puffy. The compressors make a little noise, really not bad.

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I get it.
I’m glad Santa’s gonna be erect again later today.

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Yeah, those decorations require continuous airflow, like a bounce house. They’re not my thing personally, but I have nothing against them. I just like to see lights; I don’t care much about other elaborate decoration.

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I don’t understand the harsh criticism of those folks.

Those decorations are only there for a few weeks, and then they are gone for a year. Seems to me they can have their fun, and then it goes away. Sort of like shaving your head. If your girlfriend hates it, so what. It will grow back.

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My mother’s eldercare facility has large, inflatable Snoopy and Woodstock standing by the main door. Both items have seasonal accessories, I have to say that I think they’re endearing and enjoy seeing them.

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IMO, blow up decorations are just tacky, period.

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I agree with @canidmajor & @josie
These people are decorating their homes for xmas, It’s fun, It’s harmless & above all…It’s their fucking business!

Wind your neck in & suck it up misery guts! :D

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Set it all ablaze.

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That’s how Hitler started :D

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It probably cheaper and easy to store away every year?

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There is a house in my son’s small town that has tons and tons of Christmas lawn ornaments that the old owner’s grown children come over to set up for him, and tear down for him, every year. There is no rhyme or reason, no structure, no organization. My son says it just looks like Christmas vomited all over their lawn.

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This makes me wonder “if” these people that go all out to decorate somehow write it off as charity and get a refund every year, like a Business does?
Otherwise the expense must be out of this world!
One could feed the homeless or give to charities that would benefit others and teach the children about giving instead of getting every year?

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My house has enough Christmas decorations to put Clark Griswold to shame. We leave our inflatables up during the day too for the record. People put it all on a timer with the side effect of deflating them when the timer is inactive, just takes running a cord to bypass the timer for the inflatables to make that right There are no tax write offs or any other motivation other than to be festive. People here drive around town just looking at decorations and it’s common to have an entire neighborhood decked out like this. The expense is next to nothing considering it all came from yard sales and thrift stores. Any given yard sale in July here you can buy box after box of Christmas shit for like a quarter. Just takes a couple days to put it all up.

We take Halloween to another level also.

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The expense is next to nothing considering it all came from yard sales and thrift stores.
Just out of curiosity; how about electricity?

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Illicit taps on the powerlines.

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In a major city neighborhood for over many years a group got together and decorated the yards and then it morphed into a regular tourist attraction and these participants formed a group/society and now collect $2 – $5 for the cars to pass through and many walk about with the participants offering up refreshments and foodstuffs which they also receive monies for.

The fund is then put into the next years decorations and a portion or sometime all of it goes to charite of which the society writes off on taxes.

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Seeing all this bigotry against inflatable people really hurts. It would also hurt my “wife”, if she wasn’t such an airhead. ;-(

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@rebbel Surprisingly little. Does not even register on my bill. Perhaps ten or twenty bucks at most.

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@Inspired_2write Nice but that is a rare scenario. Using a tax write off as motivation for putting up holiday decorations is pretty far out there. Pretty sure that does not even register with people when they decorate their house.

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Can I get an amen up in here?

I’ve been slowly hating the commercialism of Christmas and it’s peaking. I told my family today that we need to create our own time during the year to enjoy each other without all this bs. The past week has been hell for me. I haven’t had a chance to shop until today and the stress of it all isn’t worth it. I’m seriously depressed. No inflatable is going to cheer me up.

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I’m ready to call it quits, too.

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I almost bought some huge tacky Christmas lawn crap… and the reason was, because my unofficial-step-daughter at the time thought they were hilarious and that’d it’d be fun and funny. But we didn’t end up doing it.

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@Love_my_doggie , But I bet the eldercare facility you talk of…. keeps Snoopy and Woodstock inflated 24/7 without having a lawn full of vinyl trash.
Most people with inflatables, deflate them during the day. And it looks like trash, not like cute characters.

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Yes it looks like trash. Tacky, tacky, tacky.
When Rick and I first got together he was taking me to meet his best friend. We turned down a residential street, and there was a yard full of deflated, shitty-looking Santa inflatables. I made a comment along the lines of how tacky that was…..then he turned into the drive way of the house that hosted the Tacky Inflatables. And yeah. His BFF turned out to be a real asshole.

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So @Dutchess_III based on the data points that you offered, there is only one logical conclusion.

People who have deflated Santa inflatables are real assholes.

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That particular guy was. He assaulted me. He shoved me up against the house and called me names.
I think mostly they have no sense of class or decorum.

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