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Those of you who regift a lot, would you rather not deal with the whole gift thing altogether?

Asked by JLeslie (64657points) December 25th, 2019
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Getting a gift you don’t need or want, storing it, giving it away, and maybe it’s something you would never have picked out, so it’s not really a gift from you in the same as buying the perfect gift.

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I do not give gifts (except to my wife), nor do I ask or expect any.

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Same here as I grew up appreciating that gifts weren’t important.
Food, a roof over ones head,warmth, and family were more important as well .

My late father being of French descent was ostracized when he move to the
predominant English speaking areas of Canada which made for difficult employment ,
thus our low income impoverished earlier life.

But we learnt the value of just being and appreciating everything .

A sunny day, an appreciating smile,encouragement,laughter shared,the outdoors,
nature, our loving cat,flowers…all natures gifts given everyday and we are all
happy to partake of that and too bad we all take that for granted?

In short we are all blessed with life and all the rest is a bonus!

Life is a gift in itself.

Merry Christmas to All!

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I think that gifts are best just for the kids. But I go along to get along. Ba humbug. HA!

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Just skip gifts, eat, drink and be merry. Talk. Listen. Phones down. Games.

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Our family does not exchange gifts. We buy our own. We do buy a few gifts for my daughter, but they are practical (for example, this year she needed a new computer for school because her old one was on its way out).

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I don’t re-gift a lot. This year someone gave me a candle and a gift card and I gave it to my daughter. Most of what I get, I keep. It might be jewelry which I will use. If it’s clothes that don’t fit, I will give it away but I will tell the person I give it to that it was a gift that didn’t fit, so it’s not like I’m pretending it’s a gift for them, it’s just “maybe this fits you, if so, you can have it.”

I would be very happy to stop doing the gift thing. Last year I suggested it to a friend, but her response was that she really likes opening the gifts that I give her. To me that was sad. Sad that this means so much to her and sad that she didn’t take the hint. If I want something, I buy it. I’m trying to get rid of shit, not take more shit into the house.

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I have refitted very rarely , and would rather not do the gift thing with adults.
I had my Mom regift a gift to my wife, the thing is it was a gift my wife gave to her the year before.

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Yes, exactly. I would much rather skip the gifts and just enjoy the good food and each other’s company. Sadly, I am very much in the minority on this in my family, so it persists.

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