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What is the most expensive luxury car that you have driven?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19840points) January 8th, 2020
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Even for a test drive or for a few seconds? I have driven a mini van, nothing special. I am losing my drivers licence on January 10th. I am wondering what I am missing?

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I worked at a Lambo dealership so I rode in many, but I like driving BMW’s best. Sports cars are generally low slung but too much power for me, and not as comfy.

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I think a Porsche. I don’t remember if I’ve driven something else more expensive. I have driven Mercedes, maybe one was more expensive than the Porsche, I don’t really remember or necessarily know the price points. I’ve driven a Maserati also. BMW, Corvette, Audi.

@KNOWITALL I don’t like the long front on BMW and Corvette. I feel like I can’t see well when I need to make a turn from a side road onto a main road. It’s a shame, because otherwise BMW is a really nice drive.

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Probably an Infiniti G37.

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@JLeslie @KNOWITALL My boss offered to let me in his BMW, but I was too tall to fit inside.

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My wife and I rented a Hum-V for a weekend once just for fun.

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I was 19 years old and cruising my hometown looking for the ladies. I seen an old man sitting in a parking lot in a brand new Corvette. I pulled up to him to see it and he asked me where all the girls were at. I told him he has the car for it so he let me drive it. No ladies were retrieved this night lol.

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Probably, looking at the price at time of purchase, accounting for inflation, my brothers’ 1968 Chevelle.
My own most expensive probably was my Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 QV.

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I got to drive my boss’s Corvette. Hey, when you’re a Pickup type person a Corvette is a giant step up.

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May I ask why you are losing your driver’s license?

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@LostInParadise I was asked if I have any illness that can disqualify me from driving. I answered. I don’t want to flesh it out online.

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Okay. This must be a recent development, since you must have been previously qualified to drive in order to have a license.

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A Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.

I worked as a valet parking attendant at fine restaurants when I was a senior in high school. Drove everything from beat up VWs to Rolls Royces and Ferraris.

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My dad collects cars and has had a number of luxury vehicles over the years, but I’ve never been allowed to drive many. I did often drive around his Audi A8 when I was in high school and that was a lot of fun. And I’ve also driven his Tesla Roadster many times. I’ve ridden in others, but those are the nicest cars I’ve been behind the wheel of.

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I didn’t drive this, but I was a passenger.

In England, a guy from our company picked me up from Heathrow airport in a very high end Jaguar (around 1994). I don’t know what the model was, but it was one smooth, speedy ride to the office.

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@JLeslie Interesting. One of my favorite cars was my Chrysler LeBaron, very low slung front end (brakes needed yearly) and a cockpit feel. It doesn’t bother me too much.

I didn’t feel the BMW was a low front end, but boy it had some get up and go and turned so nicely.

My besty’s dad had a dealership, so we got the pick of the lot and drove California special Mustangs, Porsche’s, convertibles, he had a Bently at one time but didn’t let us drive it much haha-all kinds of things. Plus he paid us to drive them to the lot or to Branson for him, it was so much fun.

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A bunch of different restored cars over the years.
One of my favorites was a 1960 Corvette.The interior was like a cockpit and surprisingly comfortable.The 70’s and 80’s Vettes were like sitting in a bathtub.
A friend has a car that was used as a rumrunner during prohibition. It has bullet holes in the windshield. He won’t re-do this car and it is not luxurious by any means but it is interesting.
I have a photo somewhere but cannot find it.

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I’ve been a passenger in a Rolls. Bugatti maybe is the most expensive car out there to by new? I don’t know for sure I’ve never been in one, but I’ve been next to one. Lol.

@jca2 mentioned the Infinity, I’ve driven Inifity also. I guess maybe I should count Lexus and Acura, but I don’t think I drove their top of the line cars. Infinity and Acura interior was really nice last time I drove one, but I think it was the Infinity that also had too long of a front for me, I might be confused though.

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You have a driver’s license? I’m honestly, legitimately surprised.

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A 1978 Corvette .
But that is a car I have driven a two hundred thousand dollar Kenworth.

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Maybe this one? But probably not because I was only 6 or 7. This was in Florida. I’m yelling at the imaginary stupid other drivers on the road! It was a two-seater MG. Guess my dad forgot about the 3 kids he had! But that’s not a luxury car.

I actually drove this puppy, which is also not a luxury car. It’s a Mustang something. It’s a $80,000 car! Damn that car was fast.

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I have also driven a multi-million dollar piece of machinery. A train.

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@Coolhandluke Now THAT is interesting!

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Yep, it was!

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@Coolhandluke -What controls did you operate? Did you have to?

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This story is one of my most precious times with my Dad. He worked at Ft. Knox in KY and had some good friends over at the train depot. He ran supplies all over the base so he knew lots of folks. Anyway, I was about 8yrs old when he took me to work with him. That day he drove me to this depot and we were met by a couple friends of his and they started talking to me about trains. I was fascinated by them because they’re so powerful and huge. They asked me if I wanted to ride on one and I jumped up and down, of course! While in the front engine pulling I think was 3 or 4 cars, we took off. Once out of the depot he let me sit in the conductor’s seat – I guess you call it. It was on the right side of the train in lieu of the left like a car. Now, the funny part of this is I had always thought you had to actually steer the tiny train wheels on the track and I was super nervous about not falling off LOL. In reality, there were what looked like hundreds of gauges on the dashboard and a boat throttle like lever to my left. This sped it up and slowed it down. I operated this behemoth for a solid 2 or 3 miles and back. It was one of the best days of my life!

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The closest I have come to driving a luxury car was driving a Cadillac. I was at home on vacation from college and my parents’ friends asked if I could take their car for state inspection. The one thing that most surprised me was the lack of road feel. It felt as if I was floating above the ground. Not sure that is necessarily a good thing.

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@Coolhandluke -That is a great memory to have! :)
@LostInParadise-We have one now that feels like boating.

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Jaguar Vanden Plas in 2002.

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People in my family have BMW and Jaguar and I’ve been a passenger in those.

When I was about 18 I was a temp secretary and one of the gigs was for this old rich guy. Driving him around wasn’t supposed to be part of the job but he asked me to drive him somewhere in his car so I was happy and excited to get out and do something out of the ordinary. He had a huge Cadillac and it was very powerful to drive. I dropped him off and then had to go pick him back up a while later. While he was wherever he was, I drove the car up and down the local roads. That was fun because I was used to small, 4 cylinder cars.

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