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It's been a particularly mild winter over here in Englandia, still not a remote sign of the first snowfall, how's it looking where you are?

Asked by ucme (50047points) January 13th, 2020
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Same as usual or milder/colder?

:::This is not a global warming alert:::

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There hasn’t been enough snow here and it is unusual.

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Same as England.
No snow, around 8 to 12 degrees.
Personally I don’t mind it.

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We’re about normal for us.

We’ve had a few snows already in Missouri. Today it’s 50F but the wind is frigid. Feels like 25F in the shade.

As you know already, we were in the mid 60’s Friday morning, tornado Friday night, freezing rain Sat that turned to huge snowflakes.

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@KNOWITALL you Missouri folk can never make up your minds. Lol
We’ve had one snow, nothing to be on about. We’ve been cold for a while now.

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@Patty_Melt It’s not us, it’s bi-polar Mother Nature. She crazy!

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She’s treating us well. We’re her favorite!

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North Carolina at least the eastern half may have a no-snow winter, which would be unusual. It was 72* F or 22* C today.

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Yeah, It’s highly unusual here, hardly had any heating on at all & when we do It gets unbearably warm & we shut it down.
Usual shit ton of rain though, or as my gran used to say…oh look, It’s persisting down again!”

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@ucme No high electric bill sounds good to me!!

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73 F today (22.8 to those in Englandia). I did work in shorts and a short sleeve shirt today. Had a beer with the neighbor this evening dressed in lighter weight shorts and t-shirt. But then, it doesn’t snow very often here.

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Minus 31C ( minus 23.8 F)
And getting colder, and not factoring in the wind chill…supposed to be this way for about a week or so.( Canada Mountain region)

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I live in the SE of the US. It’s early January and we’re seeing upper 60’s and lower 70’s with tornadoes. Our lows run 50–55. I’m afraid to point out with no hint of snow because I don’t want Mother Nature to hear me and remind her to bury us. I love this weather until summer gets here and we have tons of extra bugs that didn’t die off durig the winter

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@KNOWITALL Yep, more pennies saved to spend on more leisurely pursuits :-)

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Southern Wisconsin had a lot of snow Saturday night. A few coworkers slept in the guest house at work because the roads were so bad. Was a decent Sunday but Sunday night it snowed. I wasn’t up early enough to see the roads before the plows came through though.

Winter was nice up until this past weekend. First snowfall that’s really stuck. Also first time its consistently been cold. We had upper 30s+40° in the days leading up to the snow storm. A really warm christmas too. I think it was 40 something degrees.

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It’s a little warmer than usual right now in central Florida, it’s more like summer weather, but it was cold a few weeks ago, and I’d bet it will get cold again before January is gone.

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Here in southern NY (about an hour north of the city), it was in the upper 60’s all weekend. People were wearing shorts and tee shirts. It was very weird for January weather. It was nice, but weird.

Winter has been pretty mild so far. We had a few little icy incidents with snow and ice but nothing terrible. I find the past few years, January and February are not bad and then March gets a lot of snow and storms. The good thing about it happening in March is you have a feeling that winter is almost over and Spring is near.

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I’m a neighbor of @SergeantQueen. South central Wisconsin here. Winter has finally arrived. It snowed on Halloween but it was mild after that until this past weekend. I’ve shoveled snow the past three mornings. We are expecting snow every night this week except for Thursday. I’m getting tired of shoveling. I’m responsible for a large stretch of sidewalk on one of the busiest streets in the city and it’s difficult to shovel with all the foot traffic. It gets packed down. It’s a pain needing to shovel for an hour then going to work afterwards. I wish I had staff for that. :)

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Not much rain in Oregon. The rainfall measures might be misleading. 20 years ago it was a constant rain. Now it just pours for a few days and the rest is just mildly shit. I haven’t had to bother with gloves for the last few years. A decade ago gloves in February were a must, now, not needed.

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@johnpowell It’s only January still though. ~

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Yeah.. Unlike cunts like Jim Inhofe I can spot trends.

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Update this morning it is now -44C ( -47.2F) And staying like that for the whole week.
( -44C X 9/5)+32 = 47.2F)
I have to do this or go online and calculate to get F .I just thought that I would add this formula for those that have C and or F temperature readings.
Not going outside !

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Here in southern NY it’s presently 45F (7C). It’s supposed to warm up a few more degrees today. Then tomorrow it’s going to be more cold and seasonal and snow Saturday. Luckily, it’s a three day weekend coming up.

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