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What is your most recent OR most memorable dream?

Asked by SergeantQueen (11627points) January 17th, 2020
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Like, the dreams that happen when you sleep. Can include nightmares.
I take melatonin, so I get the weirdest dreams. And the most vivid too. I’ve literally woken up thinking something happened and then finding out later in the day that it never happened it was just a dream.
Last night, I dreamed that my parents were replaced by evil versions of themselves and I knew they were fake but no one else believed me. I even called the cops but they thought I was wacko and the only one that believed me was my Criminal Justice teacher (???)
I’ve had other weird dreams and sometimes I feel like when I’m half awake-but still dreaming I can control them. Like I dream while I’m starting to wake up it’s weird.

When I take melatonin I also feel like I remember them more than I do when I don’t take melatonin.

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My most memorable dream was one I had when I was 16. I remember my age because I crawled in bed with Mom and Dad, the dream was so bad.
I dreamed we were in a cabin, way back up in the woods. I was so ragged folks used to call me Patcheswait. Sorry. It was just my mom and 2 sisters. I am the oldest. I was watching my youngest sister, Becky, sleeping. Her bed was under a window. Suddenly there was a scratching noise on the screen over the window. It got louder and louder and more insistant. Suddenly a huge, hairy hand came ripping through the window. At the same instant I was transported to another part of the cabin, and my sister screamed. I have never heard a scream like that in real life, and I pray to God I never do.
I want to say it was somehow connected to that movie The Legend of Bogey Creek.

A few years back Rick and I, and Chris and his family, traveled to Oklahoma for a family reunion. We stayed in cabins at Robbers Cave State Park. It was on t he Oklahoma / Arkansas border, and the woods where we stayed looked much more like Arkansas than Oklahoma.
When I first walked in to the bedroom, a shiver went down my spine. The bed was under a window.. I prefer a bed under the window to catch the breeze, but the rustic setting of this cabin was just too much!
That’s how bad that dream was.

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I have elaborate cinematic dreams, with people and places that exist nowhere else. I often wake up remembering how elaborate they are, but they usually drop out of my mind by noon.

Last night (or the night before?) I dreamt of taking care of a dog for a friend. But in the manner of dreams, it became a fox I was watching, and then a leopard. I was napping (in my dream) with my arm around the leopard, enjoying the moment but fearing it would explode and rip into me with claws and teeth. I woke up before it got crazy.

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In my most recent dream, I was driving with my dad and decided to drive off the road into some grass, only to discover there was some pit there and the car fell into the darkness and we thought we were going to die. We were both alive when we landed but my hearing was off, and there had been some bad sounds on landing. Then I woke up.

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