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Happy 80th Birthday to Tom & Jerry...who else wanted Tom to win most of the time?

Asked by ucme (50047points) February 9th, 2020
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I hated that bloody smug mouse!

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I agree with on this, I also wanted Wile E coyote to get BBQ that damn road runner.

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Yep & if only Dickleburgh Dastardly had won one race!

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I LOVE THAT AWESOME MOUSE as we share the same birth date….I’m just a little younger!!! Tom represented EVERY bully that I had ever met!!!

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No way. Tom’s a cat, and cats are evil. Jerry was annoying too. Too cute for his own good with his mouse butt hanging out.

I was really rooting for their owner. You know, the woman as horrible, racist, Aunt Jemima stereotype. “THOMAAAASS!!”

Bet she was the mother of Spear Chucker from M*A*S*H*. For Christ’s sake!

I think, in retrospect, I would have preferred she brain both of them with her broom, put on some proper shoes (always in slippers), and go take care of herself for a change.

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I want Tom win, but not most of the time. There are times when Tom acts like a dick and Jerry wins fairly as the result. There are also times when both of them are dicks. As time goes on I learn to judge Tom and Jerry based on their behavior in different contexts, not on who I love more.

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I have not seen many of their cartoons. I do think Tweety Bird was a bit of a smart aleck. It would have been nice to see Sylvester get the best of him one time.

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And I suppose that some of you rooted for Bluto over Popeye?

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I did. I also wanted Tweety to go.Roadrunner too.Chickenhawk as well.

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Cheers for your participation peeps of the www
I have always supported the villain in cartoons & superhero movies, they’re so much more interesting as characters.

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I agree especially when the hero’s act like pompous asses.^^^

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@ucme I didn’t support them because they were villains. I supported them because the others were a pain in the ass.

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@lucillelucillelucille Well yeah, in some instances both work.
I love the Joker & Batman is a right royal pain in the arse!

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