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What do you call the vehicle that clears the snow from the sidewalk?

Asked by flo (13313points) February 10th, 2020
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What is the name of that as opposed to the one that clears the streets parking lots etc.? “Sidewalk Snow Removing Vehicle”? I don’t think so.

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It is an in track vehicle.

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Sidewalk snowplow

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The modifier “sidewalk”
or “little” before blower or plow.

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I had trouble with the link. Most likely a snowblower.

Was it the machine the dinosaurs are using in this video? A winter time favorite.

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Snow plows clear the roads. Snow blowers clear the sidewalks.

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Look at this:

It isn’t a snowblower

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Now, that thing is classy! You can stay all nice and toasty while clearing the walk. It’s basically an ATV with track wheels and a plow on the front.

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Snow blower. Or a snow shovel.

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In the city I often see miniature snow plows, the size of a ride-a-mower, clearing the sidewalks. Driver rides in a little cage. Has tank treads and a V-Shaped snow plow on the front.

Not sure if they have a distinct name.

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I checked my link and it’s no longer the one I posted. It was similar to the one @elbanditoroso posted.
@Jonsblond They are all “snow plows” side walk ones or street ones, other that the big ones that vacuum the snow into a big trucks that haul the snow away. I’m referring to the city owned ones one that pushe the snow from the sidewalk onto the street.

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It’s just called a sidewalk plow. @elbandit is correct.

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@Jonsblond I was responding to “Snow blowers clear the sidewalks.” in your post before last.

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Yes, I understand.

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