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Did you enjoy or hate "gym class" (P.E.) in school?

Was it something you dreaded and found humiliating? Or did you relish the chance to do something active and athletic in school? Do you think it’s important for schools to have physical education?

I was a small kid, short and skinny and smaller than almost all of my fellow guys for much of my childhood. In my case, the problem was what people expected of me (nothing, weakness) vs. what I could offer (I was stronger and more adept than I appeared). So I often felt insecure in the locker room (no showering, thankfully) and I felt that people expected me to be bad at every sport or activity, but I enjoyed myself during the games we played as long as other kids weren’t being too aggressive and physical with me (and some often were).

So I have mixed feelings about it. I didn’t like it much, but I didn’t hate it either. I do think it’s important for schools to have P.E. But I was glad when I joined the track team in freshman year and was able to get out of P.E. that way.

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