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What traffic laws do you regularly break?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) February 21st, 2020
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What time of day are you usually behind the wheel?

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Speed limits that are too low when conditions are quite safe, and coming to an utterly complete stop when there’s no nearby traffic. Usually during daylight.

Oh and as a pedestrian, jaywalking.

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I hardly ever use my right side mirror.
5:23 pm

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Probably not coming to a full stop at low traffic intersections.

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Who knew the speed limits posted were the law and not just suggestions?

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Zaku -I think speed signs are suggestions as well! :D\

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@rebbel -That’s the one you need to rely on most!!

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@SQUEEKY2 – Ever surprise anyone with that trick?

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In that case I meant the left one, @lucillelucillelucille.

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@chyna – They could be lottery numbers.

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@rebbel -You’re really supposed to keep one eye on the left mirror, the spare eye on the right and your eyebrows in the middle.

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Sometimes, I tickle our chauffeur on the base of his neck & watch his shoulders rise & fall at an alarming rate. He dabs on the brakes, but the violation is his, not mine.

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@ucme -Dabs on the brakes? Dabs? Lol

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@lucillelucillelucille Indeed, this is a tap dancing term you are unfamiliar with?

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@ucme -Yes and I had lessons.

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@lucillelucillelucille Oh you did, then you should know that I lied!

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I usually go about 48 MPH in a 35, and about 78 in a 65.

I used to roll through 4-way STOP signs when I didn’t see any other vehicles, but now I at least briefly come to a full stop. This is because potential and peripheral pedestrians are usually hard to see when my car is moving, especially at night.

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@ucme -I never said I was good.

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@Brian1946 -Plus it doesn’t hurt as bad if you roll over them slowly. Lol :)

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It’s almost impossible to use a turn lane here on the isthmus without running a red light. Traffic is very congested. At many intersections the only time you can turn is once the light turns yellow and oncoming traffic stops. This happens to me every morning when I take my son to school. Everyone runs the red lights.

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Breaking the speed limit is the only traffic law I regularly break. If the roads are dry and visibility is good, there is a stretch of my morning drive where I go 77 mph in a 65 mph zone. Even then I still have cars trying to drive through my trunk. If I’m on a highway where 70 mph is the speed limit, I generally go 77 mph. I have to set my cruise control as I can easily be going 85 and not notice.

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When traffic allows, I see most vehicles exceeding the speed limit.

I think most people who assert that moderate speeding is bad and that they don’t do it, are either unaware that they often do it (most people drive at the speed of other traffic rather than watching their speedometer), or they are driving notably slower than everyone else.

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