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Are politicians acually considered corrupt?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23831points) February 22nd, 2020
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Or is it tounge in cheek?

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Most are, some are actually in it for their country and their people .
But most are in it for themselves and how much they can get before they are voted out.
Take Canada for instance where else can you get a job for eight years and be set for life in a government pension.

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IF they’re not, they are NOT doing their job properly!!! When I worked in DC there were several senators & representatives who were a member of the clergy as well as a politician. The running joke at the time was…which job is he not doing properly???

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Evidently not. Not even when they’re caught red-handed trying to sell a US Senate seat.

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Does the end justify the means? There was an argument put forward by Trump supporters at the impeachment trial that said, yes, Trump did try to interfere in the election, but he was justified since he believes that he is the person most qualified to be president. I don’t buy this. Corrupt means eventually lead to corrupt ends.

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I’ve never met a politician that I could trust

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I’ve met or red about some who aren’t.

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Many are.

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Some are, some aren’t. The same ratio as people in general.

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Politicians – with VERY few exceptions – are corrupt. They’re whores trying to sell their votes to the people who will keep them in office.

They shouldn’t be ‘considered corrupt’, @RedDeerGuy1 – they are corrupt. Almost all of them.

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Well… Yes and no.

With great power comes great responsibility, but many leaders have been corrupt throughout the ages. Take Julius Caesar or Robert Mugabe as an example. However, there have also been many great leaders too, like Augustus or George Washington, but their number is quite small compared to the amount of tyrants in this world.

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