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What are the benefits of paying for the premium version of a (NSFW) website?

Asked by rebbel (35372points) February 25th, 2020
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This came about because I read that a certain porn site (something rodent) is going to offer free premium access to their content to Corona infected people.
I fail to see any benefits (over free access of the same site).
Can you name any?

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No ads. That’s how it works with Pandora. You can use it for free but get ads; if you want no ads, you pay for a subscription. So that would be my guess with this site.

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A paid subscription on such sites will allow you to watch special videos.

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Maybe you get to watch them go out for dinner and a movie first.You know, for the plot’s sake

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And here I was ready to express my opinion re premium porn websites. One track minds and that NSFW acronym let me tell yah…

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