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How would one know if one has the Corona virus and not a regular cold?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (8745points) February 25th, 2020
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Symptoms may include:
runny nose
sore throat
difficulty breathing (severe cases)

Sounds like a cold to me. Not sure what makes the Corona virus so special except it’s a new virus so virtually every one is going to get because no one has had it and noone has immunity to it.

What is different about this? Any cold that causes respiratory issues can turn into pnemonia.

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The Coronavirus is a variation of the common cold virus. It has shown to be deadly in only 2 – 3 percent of people who had it.

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What is different about this? The death rate is higher than that of the seasonal flu and measles.

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And those same people could also die from complications of a regular cold.
This women on Facebook is insisting it will kill you!

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Yes because pretty much 100% of the people will probably get it so it makes sense that the death numbers will be unusually high.

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Did you hear about the variation of a corona virus that originated in a Japanese car factory? They’re calling that one the Toyota Corona virus.

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That was bad!

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From this:
”Notably, the infection rarely seems to cause a runny nose or sneezing.”

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@Dutchess_lll They have to do a test from a nasal swab to look for the Corona Virus.

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So in other words you won’t know unless you get tested.

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@canidmajor‘s link gives a very good description and overview. From reading it, it sounds more like the typical symptoms are similar to flu and you would very likely go to the doctor if your were feeling that bad. also, knowing if you were somewhere where you might have been exposed to it would be an indication that it could be corona virus.

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Rick has been really sick for 3 days.
Now my throat is hurting and I’m coughing.

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Have been in China in the last two WEEKS ?

If not it maybe the flu.

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IDK. And I woke up with a headache. I NEVER get headaches.

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I have 0 doubt that it will make it’s way around the whole world. Apparently the symptoms are “mild.”

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@kritiper if you get Corona your only way to make it smooth is find a woman with Lyme disease….

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There’s a good chance you won’t know unless you get tested. The symptoms could easily be confused with flu. Fever, dry cough, fatigue.

I just had the flu and then my husband had it a week after me, I’m not sure if he got it from me or someone at work, because it went through his office. We didn’t go to the doctor, we are not part of the statistics for the year, and most likely coronavirus is underreported also. People will need to self report to be able to be sure how high the numbers are, and to try to control the virus.

People should be self quarantining themselves, I did, and my husband did as well, although, he did still go to work when I was sick, but he washed his hands and did his best to prevent taking my illness to others. If coronavirus numbers get higher then people should be reporting to their doctors, calling the office first to find out the protocol.

The “good” thing is since numbers are likely underreported the death rate is likely a little lower than they are saying, although my bet is the Chinese are likely to report if they become ill with the situation there now.

If your husband is sick with fever more than 5 days, or if he has trouble breathing he should seek medical help, I’m sure you know that already.

You’re right, many illness can turn into serious respiratory issues.

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