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Will going through these books help me in any way or not?

Asked by MaisyS (734points) February 26th, 2020
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For a while I have been keen on learning to read music and sight sing, and so far have been unable to do so, mainly because my parents are unwilling to let me attend classes, more so now than ever since my GCSEs are so close.
I don’t play any musical instruments, and I have never taken singing lessons.
Today, at the library, I chose to check out some books in order to try and learn these things I want to, but seeing as I play no instruments, I’m wondering whether they will benefit me at all. I’ll mention the titles just in case you know the contents of these books and can advise me on whether I am simply wasting my time or if this will be worthwhile.
The books are Tonal Harmony by Stephen Kostka and Dorothy Payne, Progressive Sight Singing by Carol Krueger, Music Theory for Dummies by Michael Pilhofer, Singing for Dummies by Pamelia S. Phillips, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Music Theory by Michael Miller.
Will these books help me in any way since I have never even touched an instrument in my life?

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I don’t see why you wouldn’t get some valuable information from them.
Some might be better than others and the only way you will find out is to read them and see.

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Valuable info yes, but how do you think it would help??

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My grandson is supplementing his private piano lessons with computer lessons. I’m sure you could find sight reading music and singing lessons on your computer.

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@YARNLADY I have looked into such options but most of the courses require you to pay to access the information and my parents are unwilling to do so. But if your grandson knows of any free resource that’s good and might help me, I would really be grateful to know about it. :)

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There are many online pianos that allow you to use your keyboard to play. That would help you learn the sound of the notes.

Here is one example virtual piano .
(I’m guessing it is ad supported but I have ads blocked so I can’t tell.)

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