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Females of Fluther: Do you show cleavage often & if so, does this depend on your mood or the occasion?

Asked by ucme (50047points) February 26th, 2020
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Those who knee jerk their judgemental opinions on me & the inspiration for this simple, harmless little question, should exercise a little restraint & butt out! :D

I’ve asked my wife this several times over the years & she always gives the same reply, she will wear whatever she feels comfortable in & if the occasion renders it appropriate. Other than that, she reckons most women don’t give it a second thought, no different to showing a thigh through a dress/skirt with a split.

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Never as I wish to be known for my intellect rather than breast size etc
I think men love it when they can get women to dance to there idea of “showing there wares”.
Some women are not thinking of the trap that it entails.
Like advertising to others “oh look here” as enticement?
Women need to realize that they are MORE than sexy looks.

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What cleavage??
I am what one might call “sleek”

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Not since they decided to move south. Years ago I would do it once in awhile. Mostly if I was going out with my boyfriend to a club or concert.

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Never intentionally but when it’s hot out and I’m wearing a tank top my girls aren’t shy.

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Cheers girls, I appreciate your candor.
@lucillelucillelucille They’re what my grandma used to call “bee stings” lol

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@tri lucy, I’ll trade my wheelbarrow for your sleek.

I have no special itinerary for cleavage. Most of my life I have paid more attention to sleeve openings and V cuts for possible overexposure.

Having the cleavage there is handy. Since I wear glasses, I can’t put my pen behind my ear when I need a hands free moment. It is a handy place for my pen, or storing hard candies, you know, for later.

I’m working to upgrade to cracking nut shells. Perhaps that would go over well on YT.

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I am totally in agreement with @Inspired_2write. I am also usually cold, so exposing more skin anywhere is counterproductive.

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This really was a great question!!

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@ucme -As opposed to Floppin’ Boppers? My friend’s name for the other
@Patty_Melt – I haven’t any complaints about being “sleek”. Not yet, anyway.Lol!

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@lucillelucillelucille That is an awesome name, sounds like something you might wear to the disco!

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@ucme -That outfit wouldn’t involve a bra.

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Nope, I’m very modest unless I’m in a very comfortable environment, or on tequila haha! I’m either covered up or nekkid! Seriously I even put pins in my lowcut blouses, showing off and attention aren’t really my thing.

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@KNOWITALL Cheers for, ahem…“revealing” your ways ;-}
Seriously though, good for you!

I think in the right environment & so long as the woman feels right, a hint of cleavage can enhance an outfit. In know way sexualises her boobs, just simple clean lines…I’m not gawping, honest!

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I’m pretty busty so, honestly, it’s hard not to show “cleavage.” Stuff that is downright wholesome on other body types look scandalous on mine. Sometimes I do dress up with the intent of flaunting my assets, sure, but most of the time it’s just hard to avoid.

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Same ^

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