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What is the best thing you have discovered because of Fluther?

Asked by ezraglenn (3502points) September 1st, 2008
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I can think of countless things I never would have heard about if it wasn’t for fluther. What are some of yours, and what questions/answers led you to these discoveries?

Mine is the miracle fruit, which I discovered through this question from shilolo.

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friends (that was a gimme)

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advise, i was looking for some good advise, and i got it.

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….fluther girls smiles nervously

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New friends are right at the top for me.
The interesting and vast range of human opinion.
The caring and good hearted nature of much of the youth of today.

In terms of topics:

I learned about a lot of great book sites. (I wish I could show you the thread, but I despair of and get really frustrated by the search function on Fluther.)

I also found some great new word sites. (Can’t find that one either.)

I loved a discussion Harp started about the octave, which led to some real interesting research for me. (This one I found.)

I have gotten great new recipes to try and other cooking ideas.

I have heard wonderful new songs and artists introduced to me through Flutherers.

There are really too many to mention.

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I’ve only been here for about 5 days but joining this site has taken me out of my comfort zone, so to speak. It’s easy to get stuck using the same websites for a while… But now I’m joining tons of sites and enjoying every minute of it. I guess Flutherites have inspired me to start discovering things about the Internet again…

Too lazy to get specific.

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People! I really, really luff my buddies. <3

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even me ?

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Definitely the people. One in particular, but I’m not saying who; you’ll have to guess.

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Ha, yes Cam, even you. Silly boy. =]

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I am still trying to meet people. Seems a little hard on here…...or maybe it is just me :) ?

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Music, books, websites – not to mention all sorts of thought-provoking debates – and yes, the people of course! People always fascinate me and I love seeing the exchanges between people on here. Especially because it’s such a diverse group!

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How to tune the level settings on my pedal-to-amp rig. Thanks, sndfreQ! my amp thanks you too

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That the moderators here treat the members more fairly and equitably, than is done at AV.

It’s nice to be in an environment that is FRIENDLY.

September 1, 2008, 5:14 PM EDT

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How babby form.

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AC: Haha.. that’s so funny.

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that there are real people here who respectfully disagree with me without making me feel like I’m an idiot for holding my views. Flamers are tossed, as it should be. We can have a productive dialog about the things we all value most!

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Hear! Hear!

September 1, 2008, 9:11 PM EDT

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Sincere, caring support. Blew my mind, continues to blow it. Thank you to those of you who know exactly who you are.
so much fun.
wildflower’s photos of beautiful heart-stirring Faroe Islands.
something very interesting about intermittent influxes of very young people with very
predictable questions, which are always addressed with a mixture of slight exasperation
(omigod, “Should I split up with him?” AGAIN??) and real concern. I think if I needed parents, and maybe I do sometimes, I could get them here. And if I needed kids, and I do, often, I can get them here. What is this, a family??????????omg

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susanc, you rock.

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That very few of its questions are worth my time to answer.

I like the people on here, though.

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Why don’t YOU ask some questions of your own?

I’m very impressed with your answers to some of the Qs, so I am assuming that you could probably compose some “winning” questions, also.

September 2, 2008, 2:18 PM EDT

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@Jack Adams. That’s a thought.

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I learn something new every day here. I love the people, and the variety of questions. I don’t think a day has gone by since I’ve been here that I didn’t get a chuckle.

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past days I learned I can’t do without fluther, I’m on an iPod touch right now, damn, I need my new MBP !

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Addicted are we, Cam?

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maybe… I’m glad I learned to type this thing pretty fast

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Great Advice! Intellectual Stimuli! Resources of information! What a great website!

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