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How to develop games for Xbox Live Arcade?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) September 1st, 2008
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I was curious to know if there was any actual first-hand experience in doing such a thing. Could you make a game, for instance, in flash? Would the Xbox take kindly to “web-based” games? That being, a game online that would be able to be played with the controller? Or is there some kind of grand computer language I’d have to learn in order to really make a game well?

Going back to “teh schoolz” and trying to figure out if I want to learn software or hardware… meaning, could I make video games and apps or should I instead learn how to make hardware gadgets and the like?

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I would stay away from the closed source of flash. Dealing with adobe & that dying technology is a dead end road for any designer. I suggest you go to school for software. Software is more advancing than the hardware it uses. The ipod touch is a very simple device, just a touchscreen, very old technology, it’s the software that makes it special (the app store). I think before trying to get a game on xbox live, which is very difficult & has many standards, I would practice developing simple apps for the iphone first.

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