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How far is too far to simply work, get a paycheck and die?

Asked by 33nanoseconds (7points) March 9th, 2020
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It depends on how desperate you are to eat.

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I’ve commuted weekly 2400 miles (one way) by plane weekly. Didn’t die !

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Depends on too many variables ,how much do you want the job? How much do you like the job?How well does the job pay?is there room for advancement?
How much do you need the job?
getting the idea?

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If you don’t like your commute, do something about it. No one can but you. I won’t give you a distance that is ‘too far.’ That is completely subjective.

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I wouldn’t drive more than 30 minutes from home.

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If you leave for work before your kids wake up and get home after they have gone to bed, your work is too far from your home.

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This answer varies on the individual. For me I wouldn’t like to travel longer than 45 mins to an hour one way. You have to consider how much you like your job too. If you get paid well and love where you work, you may be willing to drive a little further. I like what rockeyguy said about your kids. Definitely not worth it to miss seeing your kids just to work.

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