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Why do 80% of my dreams begin with my looking for a laptop then typing in what I want to dream about?

Asked by Aster (19994points) March 10th, 2020
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It began a few months ago. I am dreaming but almost in a frenzy wanting to find that laptop! I want to type in what I wish to dream about ! All I take is a benedryl and a melatonin. What gives?

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It’s trying to tell you you can set intentions for dreaming before going to sleep?

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Good to see you @Aster!

As for the dream, I think @Zaku may be on to something.

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@Aster!!! I have wondered where you’ve been.

Were your dreams boring for a while before this trend began? If the internet gives us answers to a majority of our quests, questions, and difficulties, then you might be feeling like it could add spice to otherwise boring sleep.
Why not ask a follow up question? Ask us what you should dream about. Then you will have that part of your dream out of the way. Let’s see if anything changes.
As a heads up, you might want to specify happy only suggestions.

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This is a maths homework question, I just know it!

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100% – 80% = Y
Y + 80% = 100 %

Assuming we are comparing to the total number of dreams possible, which would be 100%.

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Your dream is telling.
I think that you are expecting online websites to instruct you rather than dream on your own…seems like a dependency has been created?
Those websites plus others like astrology,numerology etc were meant to be taken lightly to get one to think more on life and or just to entertain…not to take seriously.

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Hi Jan and Patty !! How ya doin?
I think Inspired 2write has the right answer. I am spending too many hours a day on the internet so I expect a computer even in my DREAMS to guide me . Sick.
Last night’s dream I’ve forgotten but the night before ? I was in a kitchen with Sanjay Gupta. Yeah I know.

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Your laptop is jammed solidly in your wazoo. That’s why you always think of it first.

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