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Have you ever seen yourself in a mirror--in a dream? What was that like?

Asked by Jeruba (51821points) March 19th, 2020
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I have, just recently. In the dream-mirror reflection, I was thinner and my hair was cut very short, all iron gray. It was weird but not terrible.


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Yes. I was putting my hair on top of a bald guy’s head while both standing in front of a large mirror.
I looked the same, he looked so much younger! :D

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I have, turns out I am the fairest in the land just as I thought.

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Oddly enough, I did again last night. Don’t know what this means, if not symbolic self-reflection. I was in the ladies’ room of a fancy hotel, just before a banquet, checking my gown and all in the big mirrors. Except that I kept seeing other people in the mirrors and not myself. Finally when I appeared, I could see that my hair was messed up and I couldn’t fix it. Extinction anxiety? For me this is new.

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Dreams are strange things.
When I had mine, I didn’t recognize the bald man, before or after the makeover.

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I barely recall any of my dreams, only random fragments that mostly make no sense at all.
One example was giraffes walking among us dressed liked us & speaking.

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