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Are you doing more experimental cooking and baking now that you're stuck in the house?

Asked by jca2 (14999points) March 29th, 2020
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Are you doing more baking and cooking now?

Are you more resourceful with how you use food?

I’m in some cooking groups on FB and people seem to be doing a lot of “stress baking” and fun cooking. Lots of photos lately of people baking bread for the first time, pizza, stuff like that. Friends tell me how they’re making things they don’t usually make, like custard to use up the milk or veggie broth to use up the veggies.

How about you?

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When I cook, it’s more of an experiment with fire.
We haven’t really changed as of yet

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Yes! Last night I made a banana bread with almond flour, the other day I made a lemon thyme pork chop recipe I saw in The NY Times.

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I’m more turning back to the old reliables but definitely cooking a lot. And using leftovers more than usual. I saved half a pork chop and had it the other night; a leftover half baked potato got cheese sauce and bacon for lunch one day.

Come to think of it, I did improvise making tomato soup from two old cans of whole tomatoes that I had never used. Lucky Guy would be proud of me.

I am really enjoying planning and cooking my meals.

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Would be nice to do experiments but only in the mood and the time to simply barbeque meats.

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Today I made rice pudding with leftover rice and banana bread with leftover bananas. I don’t do this every day.

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I usually love to cook and try new things, but I’m really not all that interested in food right now. I’m sure in a month when supplies are weird I’ll get creative.

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No. I’m trying to conserve supplies and make meals that will last for a few days, spending perishables before staples. I’m not inclined to focus on baking and eating for fun when three weeks from now we may need that flour for bread.

Also trying to overcome some bad household habits of discarding leftovers that have sat too long. We do have to be more creative about using them, if that’s what you mean.

So to me this is a time to improvise where necessary, sure, but not try any risky experiments.

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Actually, come to think of it, I do have a very simple banana loaf recipe that uses yellow cake mix and not flour. I call it banana loaf because it’s more cakey than banana bread but really not quite banana cake.

When bananas get too soft, I make this to use them up. I might be making it myself in a few days, if my back will let me.

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I just saw a new hashtag on FB, #quarantinkering.

When I put it in the search bar, I see food posts and also craft posts (Jewelry making, woodworking).

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The wife is threatening to.
Pray for me!

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Not really. I do have some back up ingredients in case I need to bake from scratch, but not a lot. I find the whole food thing stressful. I need to start getting groceries delivered. Right now I have a month of food I think.

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As I said, No. I worked too damn hard to lose this first set of 10 pounds….it took.a year.
I do have ripe bananas in the freezer for banana bread tho!

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I’m planning to make red lentil soup today since I have most of the ingredients but there will be some improvising. I’m also going to make banana bread later in the week which I’ve never made.

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Oh I make a good banana bread. My 1941 recipe calls for 3 bananas. I use 4. I also add a tsp of vanilla which the recipie doesn’t call for. I bake it in a 9 X 9 pan.

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