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What foods make you feel warm?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11628points) March 31st, 2020
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If you eat hot soup it will warm you up. Maybe if you’re outside holding the bowl in the snow, it’ll keep your hands warm, too.

Is there any food that will make you feel warm even when it is not heated up? For how long?

Jalapenos? Hot peppers? Some strange exotic fruit?

Endothermic reaction to food?

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Spicy peanut or nut mix. And sometimes tomatoes/pasta, give that feeling, even if not wormed up.

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Well. Alcohol, makes you feel warm…
When ingested, the body pushes warm blood from the core, to the limbs. That makes a person feel warmer.
However. It’s only a short term fix, and is actually counter-productive…
When most of the blood is in the core, is more insulated, by fat, and other tissue. Therefore, heat can be retained easier.
When the blood is in the limbs, it has less insulation, and cools faster…
Then, the cooler blood returns to the core. This speeds up overall cooling. Which is bad, long term…

Spicy food, will definitely make you feel warmer.

I find that “heavy” foods, that are hot, will heat your core better. A hot bowl of thick grits, or potatoes, will hang around in your core, warming up the surrounding area.

It’s all about core heat. The body, wants to keep inner organs warm. It will send warm blood, to feet, and hands, if needed. So. The best way to stay warmest, is to keep the hands, and feet, as warm as possible. That allows for the body to keep the heat, in the core. Obviously. Keeping the head warm/covered, helps a lot too…

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A good beef stew. A bowl of menudo on a winter morning.

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A curry with chilies in it (some curries are mild). We have eaten a few that require taking off clothing in order to get through the meal.

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Almost all food warms you up. I live in Florida and a lot of restaurants are freezing inside. Once you start eating you warm up.

Hot food will warm you more, especially hot liquid like tea. Spicy food also seems to help. If your feet are cold they are going to stay cold though in my experience.

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@JLeslie putting cayenne pepper inside your shoes will help to warm up your feet! It works!

Eating spicy hot foods will also help warm you up.

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A nice home made Beef Stew
Or Gumbo! Especially when its a crisp chill in the air outside.

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