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Should the climate change advocates be cheering for the coronavirus to do its job?

Asked by seawulf575 (13128points) April 5th, 2020
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If more people die from the coronavirus, there will be fewer to pollute the earth with carbon dioxide. Is this the silver lining for climate change advocates?

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I don’t think this appropriate !

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Much like the Chinese government then…economic thinking at It’s finest.

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Who, other than the President, is advocating for climate change? No one I know.

And I don’t know of anyone outside of the current administration advocating Malthusian policies. ( “Don’t give them ventilators, those people are going to die anyway”)

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Sure thing Thanos.

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Who’s advocating for climate change? Most people don’t want climate change.

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You’re once again missing the point. The death toll from the virus is chicken feed in view of the current reproductive rate in the world. It is the reduction in pollution from the economic collapse that will be stupendous. Just consider the missing tailpipe emissions alone.

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Guys, don’t feed the troll.

Although @seawulf575 has a minor point of truth, which is pretty amazing.

There is somewhat less air and water pollution being emitted in the US (and I imagine around the world) with so many factories and business closed. But at what cost?

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Wulfie’s little question is just another of his “witty” digs at the left. Little episodes such as epidemics are hard on the conservative narrative about “what makes America great”. You know the yarn—BIG GOVERNMENT= satan, dog eat dog, and every man for himself, beggar thy neighbor, I’m not my brother’s keeper, and on and on, etc., etc…,..

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Another distraction from impeached trump’s incompetence. That piece of turd with blood on his hands should resign and save the country some golf money.

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“Climate change advocates” are the people fighting against emissions controls, driving huge SUVs, and opposing clean energy programs.

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To polish off the climate completely? No, I don’t think so…

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The silver lining for me is that maybe, just maybe, at the end of this, we’ll realize collectively that being proactive is better (and ultimately cheaper) than being reactive. If I had to wager, countries that acted earlier will be much better off than those that dragged their feet. If people are able to apply the same logic to fighting climate change, maybe there is still hope.

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People unfortunately lack the sense to be terrified of climate change. The trillions promised to alleviate the financial debacle represent to me the clearest sign of national panic to yet emerge from this scourge. There are some interesting pros to accompany the grim cons of this event; one of them being the forced revision of attitudes regarding “free” government mandated healthcare. IT’S HERE, and all those arguments regarding what the country cannot afford have vanished like snow in August.

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Maybe the planet heating up is more likely to produce more virulent new viruses and this is a warning to get our shit together, stop polluting the planet, make peace in the world, and be able to shift populations without too much misery.

No one is cheering. No one wants people to lose their freedoms, to work to exhaustion in dangerous environments, be separated from friends and family, be sick, or die. WTH.

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