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Look around your home, seek out some candy or anything sweet tasting - what did you find & will you eat it, now I made you work for it?

Asked by ucme (50047points) April 5th, 2020
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Maybe there’s something nice right by you, in a bowl while watching telly!

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Almond butter bars from Costco. Just had one.

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Haha. Great timing for me. I just ate a piece of key lime pie. I bought it last night for my wedding anniversary. :)

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No need to look. I am acutely aware of the status of ALL the goodies in this house, much more so than those other inanities others regard as “essentials”. This enforced isolation has given my head more latitude for thought than is healthy. Here’s an example. Most people are probably unaware that those ice cream sandwiches you buy from the supermarket or convenience store begin life with cookie exteriors so crispy that they snap audibly if you break them. So why the mud textured excuse for whatever coats the sandwiches we’re used to? It’s in the mistreatment of the product between its manufacture and your bite into it. Those soggy wafers are a direct reflection of the degree to which your sandwich has been left out to melt or stored in coolers not set sufficiently low to properly keep the ice cream FROZEN. There’s no point continuing with this discussion other than to remark on how bored I am that this is all I have to think about.

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^ Um, the soggy outsides are the best part!

I found some chocolate (filled with hazelnut cream) and will now eat that. Thanks for the inspiration!

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I LOVE key lime pie!

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@Jonsblond Happy anniversary, how long have you two been spliced? :D

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Thank you! 28 years. :D

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I just now got a cinnamon roll, so it’s sitting next to me.

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@longgone Have you ever had an ice cream sandwich with crisp wafers?

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@Jonsblond Wow, cool!
Come June me & my wife will be the same, 28yrs…you see, we have something in common lol
Send my congrats to your hub, tell him I miss our banter :-)

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Fuji apples.
I’m not hungry now but I will dream of them tonight.

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@ucme Will do!

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