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What drugs, or imaginary ones, have funny names?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19826points) April 8th, 2020
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Like Resperdal as “Re-Spirit-All”? Sounds like a video game tonic potion.

Humor welcome.

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@Tropical_Willie Lol. When did pot arrive in America? Or was it native to indigenous peoples in the form of the peace pipe?
What was in the peace pipe? Was it tobacco or marijuana, or something else?

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On The Simpsons, Milhouse told Lisa that he wouldn’t remember his first day of school as long as he kept taking a drug called “Repressitol”. Lol. I could use some of that…

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Profetilide (heart arrhythmia drug). Reminds me of “das tut mir lied”. About all I can remember from high school German class (50 years ago). HA!

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