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Does anyone here run Google classroom on their PC?

Asked by LostInParadise (29658points) April 10th, 2020
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I just learned about the program and was told to download by the tutoring group I belong to in order to continue tutoring while we are all staying at home.

Apparently the program is meant as a phone app. I did some searching and found a download from a company called Blue Stack. When I tried to install the program I got a privacy violation warning. Is this something I should worry about, or should I just install the program? Before I downloaded, I found a few other sites that led me to this screen

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Google Classroom is a service. Go to This is what most schools use to manage homework, assignments, etc.

You don’t have to install anything. What you’re attempting to do is install the Android app on your Window’s pc via an Android emulator called Blue Stacks. Just login using your browser.

If you need to access Classroom on your phone, just install the Android or iPhone version and you’re good.

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Thanks, I don’t know why I did not get that link when I did a search.

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Google classroom is an app provided by Google . You need to download the app from either apple store or android playstore only if you intend to use it from an iphone or an android phone respectively. But as you want to use in a PC or a mac, there is no need to download anything. if you are logged into your google account, you can directly open it by clicking on grid on right hand top

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