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Have you tried any new recipes during this time of the pandemic?

Asked by jca2 (14999points) April 25th, 2020
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I see lots of people on social media talking about trying out new recipes.

Have you made anything new that was good, or not so good?

I just made, but have not yet eaten, Trisha Yearwood’s Banana Pudding. She uses roasted bananas and peanut butter cookies instead of Nilla wafers. She also uses homemade vanilla pudding. I didn’t feel like making homemade vanilla pudding so I grabbed a box of instant and whipped it up. I put the layers in a glass bread pan and it’s got to set overnight.

I ate one of the roasted banana slices and I could see that roasting them really condenses the flavor.

I have a tendency to make things and after two or three days, I get bored with them and end up throwing the rest out. It’s only two of us in the house so I like the variety of new things but there’s nobody to eat it up.

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I have been cooking some dinner dishes from The NY Times cooking.

Pork Chops with Thyme

Pan Roasted chicken with grapes

Curry Chicken with Chickpeas and Spinach

I tried an insta pot pot roast, but it came out too dry.

I tried banana bread made with almond flour but it didn’t work very well.

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Lemon Ginger tea is as close to a new recipe as I have made in recent times.
It’s delightfully delicious!

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I’m about to make some homemade flour tortillas for the first time today to go with some tacos. Fingers crossed they turn out.

I made a really delicious Mediterranean pork shoulder a couple weeks ago and it fed us all week. We didn’t cube the meat, but kept it as a big hunk on the bone and slow cooked on low for like 4 hours until it was falling apart like good BBQ.

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If one places a series of sausages into a yorkshire pudding base, one gets a Toad in the Hole.
Or if the wife cooks it…fire in the hole!!

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Some milk went sour, so I used it to make biscuits. Pretty good, but I’ll do it differently next time.

I had only two bananas for a three-banana recipe, so I substituted a banana-equivalent portion of applesauce. I might do that one again on purpose.

We have done more reusing of leftovers in a variety of ways, trying to waste as little as possible. I’ve taken to calling them “seconds” instead of leftovers, hoping they sound a little more appetizing that way.

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The only new “recipe” I learned during this pandemic is that frying small shredded pieces of unappealing left-over rotisserie chicken white meat sprinkled with Morton’s seasoned salt….actually makes it quite tasty. : )

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No. Still eating once a day and eating the things I normally eat.
I will say, though, that we’ve spent more on carry out from local restaurants than we normally do.

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I gave into the hype and tried whipped coffee. At first hated it, but then when trying it with instant espresso instead of instant coffee, it actually is quite good! It is much better in my opinion with lots of ice though.

I have been wanting to make bread too but you can’t find yeast anywhere. I know there are breads without yeast but I don’t like dense bread.

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I am hearing it may be hard to find flour now, too, @ashgrin. I was lucky and bought a few bags this past Sunday so I am all set. I make Irish Soda Bread which requires no yeast. It’s kind of sweet so I eat it for breakfast.

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@jca2 Yes I have heard that a lot, but I haven’t had an issue in my area. Plus I don’t use flour a lot in general so the bags I have last me quite some time. I have heard of Irish Soda Bread but never tried it, I like sweet!

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I’ve made 2 different kinds of soup, a lot of pickles, some enchiladas, a sandwich spread made with beans, plain yogurt, and sundried tomatoes, a baked pasta dish with butternut squash and ricotta, and portobello mushrooms, potato salad with a chipotle dressing and sweet peppers, pasta salad with tons of veggies, vegan peanut butter cookies, pumpkin bread, and brownies. Except for the baked items, everything else was made up off the too of my head without a recipe, using whatever we had on hand that seemed to go together. So far, everything has been really good, and some things, were even better than I expected. The best thing about having lots of time to cook, is having the opportunity to create my own recipes. I usually try to make big enough batches of whatever I’m making, so there are leftovers, and some to freeze.

I really should put some of this stuff up on Facebook : )

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^^Any quick and easy recipe for pork chops? Thanks!

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@mazingerz88: You know what I started doing? I I put the pork chop on a pan with a tin foil lining, and a little water, and I slice up some peppers if I have any. I put the oven on 400 and after it’s almost done, I get some orange marmalade and put a tablespoon of orange marmalade on top of the pork chop and spread it around. Then I let it spend another ten or fifteen minutes in the oven all cooking together. It’s really good.

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^^Oven at 400 but how long in there before the additional 10 or 15 minutes? Right now I do have peppers but only blueberry marmalade. Thank you!!! :)

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I find the pork chop takes about 40 minutes, so after like a half hour put the marmalade on.

I don’t turn the chop over. Maybe if I turned it halfway, it would cook faster. It also depends on the size of the chop. These were pretty big, not that thick but big and I eat about ⅓ of it and my daughter gets the majority.

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