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Which is better: iWork '08 or Microsoft Office 2008?

Asked by AxSqrd (27points) September 2nd, 2008
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I want to update my current software, but wanted to know which of the current versions of iWork or MSFT Office seem to be better.

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See this discussion for a good recap.

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Personally I would go for iWork, Apple is better any day.

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Hmm Im not really sure but the one thing im sure of is that Keynote is miles ahead of Powerpoint. Thats probably the only reason I bought it. Apple makes me drool

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Definitely Keynote, now given Apple doesn’t give you the greatest text editors in the world, but pages and text edit do the job. And if all else fail Neo Office is a great download.

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I switched to iWork 08 and have never looked back. And I’m the sole Mac user in an office of PCs.

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I switched to iWork’06 about two years ago and bought ‘08 recently, never looked back either. If your computer is for personal use I wouldn’t even think of buying office, at those prices.
When you need to be compatible with other non Mac users, say you need to edit each others writing back and forth using iWork is possible but needs a little trickery.

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I prefer iWork, but for documents I generally use Google Docs anyway. I just use Keynote and Pages for layout, I haven’t used Numbers yet but I will soon when I have to present some survey data.

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I chose iWork in my situation as SndfreQ posted. I will never go back almost ever. It is just fabulous. I had it for a day couldn’t get off.

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right on swimmindude…

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Microsoft 2008 better, i think. Apple is not good at office tools.

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