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Do you think this image is scary?

Asked by luigirovatti (2820points) April 29th, 2020
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At best, it’s, as it says in the link, grotesque. At worst…well, I’ll say. Anyway, here it is for anyone to see:

N.B. This is a character in a manga, Lille Barro from Bleach.

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I’ve seen much worse

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@luigirovatti You obviously have not seen a Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual.

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Bizarre but nto scary and I am a squeamish chicken.

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Not scary to me. Just looks a bit different and cool, really.

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No, looks like someone spilt milk & blew on it through a straw.

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No. My brain always tries to make sense of pictures. Of this one I could not, so that just made me feel frustrated.

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Google smallpox , then look at the Manga image, go back to viewing smallpox for a few minutes, now give the Manga pic one more glance.
Still think it’s scary??

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@cheebdragon; @janbb: No, just bizarre. Lateral thinking and all that.

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Weird. Not scary.

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Not even a little. Confusing is the best I can do. The thing is about as threatening as a pile of sticks and it is vulnerable as hell with 2 backbones virtually screaming “break me with one hand”

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@luigirovatti Fair enough, Smallpox is the stuff of nightmares in my opinion and all I see in the manga image is a deformed praying mantis.

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Not scary. Weird, to me.

If I saw an actual creature / spirit on the material plane, that looked like that, it could be scary. But it looks like a cartoon spirit creature or something, so no.

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Cartoon of a mosquito —not very scary.

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Not scary. Not grotesque.

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It’s confusing to me, but not grotesque or scary. No amount of fictional history behind it could make that grotesque in my eyes, possibly scary? But defintely not grotesque

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No, not in the least.

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