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What does it mean when we call smart people cold?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23518points) May 6th, 2020
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Or dead from the neck down?

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Some super smart people, I believe the technical term is clever cunts, let it go to their heads.
The consequence of which is that they have the personality of an amoeba…ergo, cold!

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@ucme I don’t understand. Can you explain further?

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@RedDeerGuy1 Indeed.
Further hints at a point of distance increasing gradually.

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@ucme I still don’t understand? Can you dumb down a shade? explain simpler?

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Hahahaha, how low can you go?
A limbo dancer once tried to test me, I stuck his bamboo cane where de sun dun shine!

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@ucme I still don’t understand, but I am still giving you Lurve.

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They might be smart as can be, but their personality is bad. As in narcissistic, mean, or selfish. Basically it’s a smart person who thinks they are better than anybody else, and it’s all about them.

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@snowberry Oh! Like a typical teenager?

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I’ve known a lot of really smart teens- and people of all ages who manage to be kind decent people, but some smart kids are like that, yes.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Who is the “we” in your question, or are practicing French again? Smart people are not necessarily considered cold.

You may confuse some types, such as engineers, as “cold” because they tend to think logically and unemotionally when dealing with a problem. But considering people who are logical as cold is as poor a way of handling a situation as always being emotional.

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Sheldon Cooper types. Book smart but not street smart. Interpersonal relationships are mysteries to some people.

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@zenvelo I heard the term when I was in a group home 20 years ago, and the manager said that all Mensa members were cold from the neck down. I didn’t understand what she meant. I’ve lost contact with her and can’t ask her for clarification.

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@KNOWITALL Yes. That’s a good example. Thanks.

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It’s a common myth that “eggheads” come with wooden hearts and an inability to understand or empathize with “normal” people. There are all sorts of shortcomings supposedly attributable to brainy people, nerds who can’t get a date, mix plaids and stripes when dressed, never noticing their mismatched socks protruding from their high water trousers. Bow ties and pocket protectors, unable to change a tire or properly clean the bathroom.

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@RedDeerGuy1 No need to announce lurve, I really don’t care :D

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@stanleybmanly I wouldn’t describe it that way personally. In my experience SOME very intelligent people are occupied with their field of interest rather than the mundane.

A professor once was so busy looking at the stars and computing, he forgot about his wife. Poor Gary was the dearest nerd I’ve ever known and never intended her to love him, let alone try to make a marriage work. If anyone, he needed someone good with being alone until he came back down to earth.
He didnt lack the capacity to love it just wasn’t her romantic notion of such.
Its not cold, though, maybe distracted is a better word. She fell in love with who she wanted him to be rather than the mad scientist he was.

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Brutal honesty can come across as being kind of dick-ish and lacking sensitivity. Some smart people are this way but I would argue that they are not displaying emotional intelligence. I consider myself to be average when it comes to “smarts” but I have been accused of being too honest when it comes to things (read dick-ish). It’s more of a personality quirk than intelligence. Some people just have a low tolerance for beating around the bush or tiptoeing around someone’s feelings. There are two types: One is insecure and can’t wait to jump on anything “wrong.” These are poor souls who will have problems with relationships their entire life. The other is someone with thick skin and their style is more direct and to the point. These people are polar opposite to the first, they are very secure. They see problems and want to fix them and are just treating people how they would like to be treated. Problems they can see solutions to bring them like a moth to a flame and it’s not always wanted by the other party. I would like to think I’m more in the second category. As an example it took me forever to realize than when people want to talk to you about their problems they are not usually looking for a solution, they’re just unloading and looking for sympathy.

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@RedDeerGuy1 -That term doesn’t describe my husband at all. Not by a long shot.

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@KNOWITALL “Sheldon Cooper types. Book smart but not street smart. Interpersonal relationships are mysteries to some people.”

That’s not cold, that’s just being socially clueless. Us cold types often fit in quite well in social situations, and grasp interpersonal relationships perfectly fine. It’s not that we don’t understand, it’s that we don’t often care. And if we do care we’re very selective about when, where and how we show it.

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