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Is there anything I can do to promote sickness?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) September 2nd, 2008
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I enjoy being sick. I love the feel of having a fever. I had recreational surgeries post high school… All four wisdom teeth, both tonsils. Love the codone.

Anyway, is there anything I can do to promote fever? When growing up my parents would say “no milk, no sugar”... But as an adult I ate both and noticed no increase or decrease in fever (when already sick).


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That’s really fucking weird.

Why don’t you lick every doorknob of every bathroom? Or have you tried that one already?

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What? Why would you DO this?

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Creepy. Sounds a little bit like Munchausen Syndrome, only, you are aware that you want to make yourself sick. I’ve never heard of this. Good luck…

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Hang out in the ER? Or the DMV. I always feel the need to disinfect after visiting those places.

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Sure you do, Lovelocke. And I like pink eye and papercuts on my tongue.

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- play with things that you find in the gutter, including people
– do not wash your hands, ever
– rub your eyes a lot and pick your teeth as much as you can

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Dude, get some sleep. Rethink this question in the morning.

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Is this some sort of cry for help?

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And you folks think I am weird, just because of my time/date stamps…

September 3, 2008, 4:17 AM EDT

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@Jack: Well, that’s not the only reason…

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Yeah, how DO you do those stamps?

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And, why?

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I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

National security concerns, you know.

September 3, 2008, 4:30 AM EDT

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“rachael ray milk fetish”. You’re one sick puppy, Lovelocke. Oh, that’s the problem, isn’t it? Errrmm, yes. ;)

You could stand in the corner of drhat77’s apartment. That might work

Personally, I think it sounds like you’re ill enough in the head as it is without needing to be physically sick.

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Every time you see anyone with a runny nose, rush up with a tissue or better yet a handkerchief, wipe their nose (offer first of course, you don’t want to freak anyone out), then either lick the tissue/handkerchief, or just rub it on your hands and rub your face, eyes, and mouth. Using this method you should keep yourself ailing for the foreseeable future! With cold and flu season right around the corner, you should be sitting in butter soon Lovelocke!

Side Note to Lovelocke: Once you are feeling better – if that ever happens – you might want to seek some help from a mental health professional.

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@Supermouse – after that suggestion, I don’t think he’s the only one…

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@Benseven – ouch! Just to be clear, that answer was offered in a sarcastic tone. LOL!

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Sorry, but you did make me feel sick!

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If you want to intentionally make yourself sick with a high fever, my suggestion would be to do some good while you’re at it. Perhaps you could go to one of the countries where people are desperate for clean water, you could help dig a well, while drinking the filthy water that they currently have available. You are sure to become ill eventually. If you don’t believe me, just ask any one of the mothers or fathers who has watched their own child die from one of the many illnesses that they have been helpless to save their child from.

If digging wells isn’t your thing, you could try one of the countries where malaria is prevalent. You could help hand out nets, vitamin supplements or food to children suffering from malnutrient (that is unless, they are so starved, they can not be saved and at that point you can offer to help bury them, once their little bodies finally give up and their heart stops). While there, make sure that you don’t sleep with a net, so that you can get bitten and contract malaria. Even with modern medicine, you will still have bouts of sickness for the rest of your life. I know, I have someone close to me that contracted malaria working to save the lives of children.
If you don’t feel like leaving the the country you’re in (whether the US or elsewhere), I’m sure they could use you as a volunteer at a free health clinic or nursing home. There are always lots of germs that are sure to make you sick, if you stick around long enough.

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That has got to be the oddest comment I have ever heard anyone state!

I know of a couple of things to promote a fever, but I fear you may contract other things, besides a fever. I’m not going to tell you though, I won’t be one of the people who will help you hurt yourself. You are kidding right?

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Stop washing your hands, eat spoiled food and pick your nose.

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Go to Penn Station and lick the handrail. You’ll certainly get something, possibly even a few STDs.

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i love fluther….

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Yes, Lovelocke, and I urge you to do it right away.

Go to a grocery store and wait at the end of a checkout line for a mom with a toddler on the kiddie seat and preferably one or two other children. (Children are little germ factories.)

Follow her to her car and offer to take the cart back. Rub your hands all over the cart handle and infant seat, and then wipe them on your mouth and nose, being sure to get the inside of the nostrils.

Should this not do the trick, follow up by rubbing the outside restroom door handles in public restrooms, and then placing your hands on your mouth and nose.

You should be even sicker than you are now really soon. Enjoy!

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…I forgot all about this question, but I have returned. It was kind of a test… I wrote a “good” question last week that got flat ZERO replies, and it seemed like only these “attention grabbing” questions work here on Fluther.

…and then, it’s only a “smart off” contest to see who can milk the most “Great Answer” points in the thread.

…this is probably why I’m losing interest here.

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@Lovelocke….ah ha, I knew it. I knew you were pulling our strings!
But, you do have a point, I’ve noticed the same thing too! sigh…

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I think the question got the responses it deserved. We are not your lab rats.

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Evidently you’re also not a pool of knowledge either. In either event, y’know, make like a screw.

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Lovelocke. I have multiple, sure-fire way to make you sick per your (test) request. Send me a PM and I’ll hook you up. You might not be fluthering for a while, but, those are the consequences of being sick, I guess…

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Why don’t you just send them to me? evilprojectblack at gmail

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You’re being a dick again.

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Eambos—dick is the best part of a man——thank you!

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@allen. Let me get this straight. You and lovelocke come in and behave like 5 year olds, and that puts you in a position to judge a whole cohort of sincere, helpful users? Where did you come from? Maybe you want to go back? More importantly, why, exactly, are you here? This is the second time I have asked you that question, and it strikes me as odd that if you despise so many people here, that you continue to come back.
You are coming to the defense of someone who “asked” an absurd question, and received, in return, absurd responses. The two of you are trolls in the truest sense of the word.

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I feel sorry for you and all of your hateful feelings. Be a man, not a child.

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Shilo—are you moderating today?

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No. I am not a moderator. Just a helpful user. Not someone who flames away indiscriminately.

Response moderated
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I refer you to my post above about behaving like a man… You should try it sometime. It might change your outlook. And, I haven’t flagged a single one of your posts. It seems that others agree with me more than you. Go figure.

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I love one sided discussions!

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…jeez. What is Allen saying that everything’s getting mod-busted?

I thought this thread was dead long ago, but I do enjoy all of the free lurve that’s come out of it. Thanks… I guess.

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i’m on the moderator shit list

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want to really fuck yourself up? visine in your water. one or 2 drops. fun. or get shit in your eye=pinkeye

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