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What weird rules for any game did you have?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24442points) May 14th, 2020
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In fighting arcade games I gave seconds to my opponent? Also what other weird rules for any game did you have?
Like Monopoly?
I had the rule where if you declared that you would rob the bank for $100 if you rolled a 12 that you can get $500. Or if you lose you end up in jail for 3 turns.

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The one I usually think of is Crojack. Croquet with shots of Jack Daniels if you miss.
worst game ever

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I played a poker game, a version 7 card stud, we called Desperado. If you got the Queen of Diamonds, you automatically lost. The Queen of Hearts was wild.

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We have a poker game “Oprah”. 7 card stud. But if the queen of spades appears face up the game ceases instantly and the entire table must ante up for the next hand.

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When we were kids, my brother and I took the simple game “Sorry!” and jazzed it up. We played with a deck of playing cards instead of the cards that came with it and came up with all kinds of complicated rules, including about five different ways to win the game. It made the game a lot more interesting and fun.

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I play Monopoly very strictly by the rules. I am repelled by people who can’t do that.

I’m pretty much a hard ass on most game rules, except Pictionary, which I cut breaks for my wife, if she isn’t familiar with the words.

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In Risk, we played that when you conquered a territory, you got to declare a “feast!” and eat a piece of Halloween candy.

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In hide & seek I was the only one allowed to be driven somewhere :D

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When I play chess over-the-board (as opposed to online), I have a rule where if one player checkmates the other the winning player gets to reach across the table and sock the loser right in the face while screaming “checkmate bitch!”. If the game is stalemated then the reverse is true and the player in the worst position gets to punch the other.

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