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Which kit on this site would be best to non-lethally discomfort boom car owners?

Asked by Kraigmo (8562points) May 22nd, 2020
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Boom cars are becoming a plague in America.
Some cities (such as Moreno Valley, CA) have to put up with the sound of boom cars as much as 18 hours a day, every day.

The source of the booms is their subwoofers in their trunks. Nobody needs a subwoofer, unless they’re playing to a stadium sized audience.

Which kit on the following site would be best to use back upon the Boom car owner?

It should be 1) Non Lethal using force of sound, 2) No collateral discomfort to innocent cars nearby. 3) Directionally beamed 4) Portable
(or any similar site. This is the only one of the kind I ever found, though)

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Strangely, the fad has all but disappeared in the city, along with the black folks and kids in general. When you think about it, the fines for tickets in this town are so debilitating that only an idiot wants to habitually draw any attention for “disturbing the peace”. The “kit” here is that red spotlight in the offender’s mirror.

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It sounds like the problem is more about cities and counties not having or not enforcing noise ordinances. So the next question is why don’t they have or enforce such ordinances? I’m sorry you live in such a horrible place.

Your device also sounds like it would hurt innocent bystanders. It certainly would hurt me. I can’t handle the booming vibrations from such contraptions. They just make me want to climb into a hole, and I’m a mess for a few days after.

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Your solution to combat noise is to add more noise to the mix? Not sure how well thought out that plan is.

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@Darth_Algar , that’s why I want it directionally beamed. And it will be so painful, it will only be needed for a few seconds

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You think it won’t affect others in the direction of that beam? There’s a reason why these things are used for riot control. Besides, by the time you’ve got the thing out and ready your target is gone.

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Would something like a taser disable (fry, toast, ruin) all the electronics in the car without otherwise harming the occupants? I expect there is too much shielding on cars but would like to see what others think about that.

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