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How much kitchen equipment do you use or need for a typical dinner?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) June 3rd, 2020
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I’ll start: Bowl and a fork, sometimes heat is applied.

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Paper plate.

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A fork, a plate, the microwave, and the refrigerator.

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@chyna – How do you make Cap’n Crunch?

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@kritiper – Now you’re getting fancy. Fancy pants!

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I don’t drink milk, do I can pour it on a paper plate when I’m feeling fancy or straight from the box when I’m slumming.

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@chyna – XD
I stopped milk too. The Cap’n is pissed.
My sister loves Cap’n Crunch. Her husband said he told her that they weren’t going to make that cereal anymore and she almost cried. LOL!

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If by “dinner” you mean fully cooked meal with protein, veggie, starch, etc. to be shared amongst multiple people (because anything less I would consider breakfast, lunch, or a snack), then…

Double convection oven
Stove top
Could sauce pans
Baking sheets
Sauté pan
Cutting board
Various knives
Ceramic plates (because I fucking hate paper plates)

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@cookieman -I’m glad you feel that way about plates. What time’s dinner??

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^^ Just drop on by. We’re always happy to entertain.

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Two/three pots
Couple of knives
Cutting board
Potato masher

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Car keys


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Etcetera etcetera etcetera :D

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Depending on what I’m cooking, it could be two pots plus a pan (for example, baked chicken with rice in a pot – maybe the veggies would be in the pan with the chicken, maybe not). Maybe it might be pasta so a pot plus a colander. Plus plates and utensils, plus cooking utensils. If I had my preference, it would be as simple as possible. I could have cereal for dinner and be happy but I have a middle school aged daughter and she sometimes wants real food.

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@ucme – Sounds like a nice group!

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Chef knife
Cutting board
Range or grill

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@jca2 -We don’t have kids but I can see the necessity for having to do that.
I steam a lot of vegetables. Minimal mess and easy.

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@josie Sounds good.
My husband got rid of the gas grill and bought the old style type that uses charcoal- the kind Captain Caveman uses.
He found another way to keep me from cooking

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What @cookieman said except I’ll add a cast iron skillet.

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@cookieman -Thanks! I’ll bring the dishes!

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Last night I neededL

A skillet
Very large pot for cooking pasta
two quart saucepan for steaming veggies
one quart saucepan for making al fredo sauce

small chef’s knife for slicing tomatoes and mozzarella, and making incisions on chicken breasts.

Three place settings, incl plates
large wood cutting board.

I made chicken caprese.

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Shrimp scampi here tonight. Anyone want free food for dish washing?

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@Jonsblond: Oooh, for cornbread or a skillet chocolate chip cookie???

@lucillelucillelucille: NOT PAPER ONES! :^)

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I like to cook, but I’m not an avid cook. I need a stove, wooden spoon, wooden paddle, skillet, saucepan, large pot, knives, spoons, mixing bowls, food processor, and plates. Those are the things I use the most.

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Depends on what I am cooking up.

Pots: large,medium,small

Pans: Large , medium , small

Cooking utensils: large, medium, small, spoon,slotted for draining vegetables etc
: Electric Knife: to cut fresh baked sunflower bread ( bought whole at bakery)

Electric egg poacher( soft, hard boiled eggs as well) .

Crock Pot: For stews, ribs, chicken, pork (slow cooking)

Utensils: large spoons ( for soup) and regular spoons for everything else.

Forks: Salad/desert fork, regular fork and Large fork for serving.

Dishes: Dinner plates,salad,dessert plates,cups and saucers.

( Prefer Corelle plates as while the plate falls over if in an accident the food flies all over the place but the plate stays intact.
Dish rack: since I don’t have dishwasher..I am it.

Wok type frying pan..for stir fry and quick cooking.

Microwave: for quick heat up coffee or frozen dinner occasionally.

Large oven roaster pan two sizes.
Glass cutting board as wood ones carry bacteria and glass easier to clean.
Garbage can
Micro-fiber dish cloths
Scouring pad..preferably plastic( cleaner and doesn’t rust)
Dish Towels
Cook Book: Have several over the years one an international cook book when I try different culture food.
Spices as needed in a Recipe.

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@cookieman -Stoneware. I will bring plates of clay.XD

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@Demosthenes -Sounds reasonable!

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@Inspired_2write -Based on your list, you seem very organized something I’ve heard can be helpful in the kitchen :D

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@cookieman Meats and eggs but now you have me wanting an extra skillet for breads and cookies!

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@Jonsblond: Skillet cookies are sooo good.

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Insta-pot, knife, fork, and bowl.

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Two pots or pans, or one of each. When I get lucky I do it all in one.
About half the time I also utilize my toaster oven to bake or broil, so a pan for that.
Two Knives
Spatula or tongues
Cutting board about half the time.
Measuring cup once in a while, I do a lot by sight and feel.

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Have collected all these kitchen tools over the years when trying new receipes etc. Also i love new gadgets that are time saving.

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@Inspired_2write -A friend of mine is the same way.She has all kinds of stuff and is a good cook.
Strangely enough, a lot of the pottery I make is for the kitchen which is funny to me.
Along with regular dishes, bowls, mugs and the like, I’ve thrown French butter dishes, cake stands, pie dishes, garlic bakers, wine chillers, salt cellars and other odd ball things…. mostly as an excuse to paint on, especially platters.
I have that same friend test many of these things for me. Lately she’s been bugging me to make ceramic spoons for condiments.

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Last night I needed my phone and my car, to place an order to go for curbside pick up.

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Ooo nice friend to have.

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@Inspired_2write -I am glad to know her.
She recently started gardening so things will be even better :)

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