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What was the thing that last made you laugh long & loud?

Asked by ucme (50037points) June 3rd, 2020
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You do laugh occasionally I trust?

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Not a day goes by that I can’t find something to laugh about.
Today’s was a comment my sister made about a doctor’s visit. :)

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I went down the rabbit hole of watching funny game show fails, and this really made me laugh. I think just the ridiculousness of it was funny

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It was a wisecrack that my son made at the dinnertable a few days ago. I wish I could remember it now. He gets some really good one-liners out.

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The neighbor boys asked me to come video them jumping their bikes. It was cute and I did laugh at their antics showing off. :)

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My two dogs crack me up daily. I’m writing a song about them right now (based on the Brady Bunch theme).

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I accidentally ran across Jeff Dunham Minding the Monsters today and decided to see if my sense of humor was still intact. It’s been a while since I laughed that hard. Even some of the lesser humorous stuff gave me the silly giggles. Damn if it didn’t feel good

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Jay Lenos NSFW potato joke on Real Time with Bill Maher’s show on HBO last Friday.

I will tell:

A guy wants to know how to pick up girls at the beach. The lifeguard told him to put a potatoe down his Speedo and walk around. The guy comes back and tells the lifeguard that it didn’t work. In fact people were runing away from him. The lifeguard told him to put the potato in the front next time.

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A movie weeks ago. Can’t recall which one at the moment.

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@lucillelucillelucille Can you spill the beans?

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@ucme – It would get lost in translation.

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@SEKA, I thought Je fah fah had gotten too predictable to get more than a giggle from me anymore. Oh my gosh, I didn’t even get to the guys in the trunks yet.
“Ha ha daddy almost killed me with a plunger.”
For anyone who hasn’t yet hit that link, I highly recommend it. Heads up, it is an hour and a half, so save it for when you have that kind of time.

The best part, political party makes no difference. Everybody will laugh until it hurts.

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Son of a bitch! It was removed!

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This is a full length comedy show, but there is more than one good gut laugh in any given five minute segment.

“Watch this, Seventeen…”

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Wow. This thread is dead, decayed, and forgotten already. Yet, anything protest, Trump, or riot is buzzing.

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I mean, if this joint was a movie it would be Misery.
Anyway, give it a chance woman, may be a slow boiler lol

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Ok, this is a casual, more relaxed kind of laugh than the cop I posted, but he “gets” me, so I brought him too.

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Since we’re on a “Drybar” roll try this. It’s just under 40 minutes; but Jeff doesn’t get insulted if you hit the “stop” button before the end

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I just relived my life from conception until now, in under an hour.

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Our dog makes me laugh on a daily basis.

Hubby just published a book, and we spend a lot of time reliving the events he wrote about. Many of those stories are so crazy and silly, we often crack up just thinking about them.

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