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What ever happened to heavyweight boxing?

Asked by LostInParadise (29640points) June 5th, 2020
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When I was younger, everyone knew who the current heavyweight champion was. Since Mike Tyson, I don’t see any mention of the sport. Has interest decreased? I don’t have much enthusiasm for a sport whose goal is to knock the opponent unconscious, but I am curious to know what happened to it.

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The current world heavyweight champions, holding all belts between them, are both British.
Tyson Fury & Anthony Joshua.

Once mass gatherings are allowed again, that is the fight that needs to be made to crown the undisputed champ.

As for what happened, I assume you mean in terms of popularity/credibility.
The heavyweight division will never capture the glory days when Ali/Frazier/Foreman/Norton/Spinks/Holmes ruled the roost, but the big bucks prestige filled fights are out there waiting to happen.

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Personally, I get no joy out of seeing a bunch of cro-magnon men beat each other senseless.

What turned me off to the whole idea of boxing was the 1997 ear biting incident, when Tyson took two chunks of Holyfield’s ear. What a bunch of cannibals.

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Mixed martial arts happened.

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Can you name any mixed martial arts champions?

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The evidence of severe brain damage happened.

Watching the decline of Muhammad Ali, the greatest, made it clear that it is a brutal activity that has no place in modern society.

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Not really, since I follow neither MMA nor boxing. But I do know that it’s taken a big chunk out of boxing’s coverage and audience. I think these bloodsports on the whole are seeing declining viewership and coverage, however.

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MMA overtook the viewer ratings.

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