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Are you tired of being 'laser focused'?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31339points) June 6th, 2020
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Three times in the last two days, I have heard government and business officials say that they were ‘laser-focused’ on one thing or another.

One speaker was a corporate CEO saying that he was laser-focused on being profitable next year.

Another was a guy from Amtrak who said that they’re laser-focused on getting the new Avelia high speed trains tested and released this year.

Where do they get the lasers? Who focuses them?

Are you tired of that expression?

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I block it out, due to my…focus on other things.
I never get tired of being in that state of mind though and it always happens when I am involved in my work like a shark, with a laser beam on it’s head
Until they’re like a shark with a laser on it’s head, they simply can’t be believed.

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Being “laser-focused” must be totally exhausting both physically and mentally. I am busy living my life and have no time to become “laser-focused”

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The only thing that should laser focused is a laser.

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Yes. I was much happier being a scatterbrain.

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Never heard of it. Don’t know if it’s because I’ve never heard it or just didn’t care enough to pay attention

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