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New Technology for separating close boiling points?

Asked by samuelAdetunji (10points) June 10th, 2020
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What ideas can we employ in developing a new technology in order to separate close-boiling isomers more cost-effectively?

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Have you considered pressurizing the container to raise the boiling point and increase the spread between the two isomers?

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Do the two isomers absorb at different wavelengths? You can flash radiate with one wavelength specific to the lower boiling point isomer.

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Can they be crystallized? Crystallization after distillation or some combination of both would separate them in short order. You could potentially use what @LuckyGuy mentioned and use a spectral method to separate the crystals.

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Can you pressurize the liquid, Carbon Dioxide has different points of boiling and solidification under pressure ? ?

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