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Why do a lot of drivers struggle when making a right-turn?

Asked by Kraigmo (8288points) June 19th, 2020
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Most drivers do not do this, but a significant number of them do: When making a right turn (such as, at an intersection, or into a driveway, or into a gas station) they move slow-as-a-turtle, then come to a complete stop for a moment, and then struggle to get over a bump that is never more than 2 centimeters high, and slowwwly make their move inward.
What is their rationale? Do they think their car is gonna fall apart? Do they think they’re being “safe” (even though the danger they create behind them is 10x the safety created by moving slow)?
Or are they just not thinking at all? Which leads to an additional question: If they’re not thinking at all… why? Shouldn’t every single decision made while driving, be done with mindfulness?

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Probably watching out for bikes and or motorcycles or even pedestrians/animals.
Lots of accidents with left turns as well as motorcyclists try to outrun the driver.

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@Inspired_2write , you might be right about that, far as what the driver is thinking when doing that. But it’s very dangerous. They should have gone into “observation mode” PRIOR to making the right turn. Not during the turn.

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Assuming the steering wheel is on the left and the car drives in the right lane, right turns are more difficult because you are more blind turning right. People worry about hitting the curb probably. To stay in lane you do have to come almost to a complete stop.

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I call em stop and turns, they absolutely crawl off a busy highway into a driveway or parking lot.
Another one is people will kill themselves to get in front of me only to slow down and proceed about 10kph slower than I was driving WHY???

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They need Clyde in the passenger seat.

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Sorry for another answer but I thought about it more. The complete stop I don’t understand, unless it’s an intersection with a traffic light and maybe they think that’s the law even when the light is green? I don’t see people doing a complete stop off of a busy road to turn. What I see more is people not doing a complete stop for a right on red.

If it is someone who doesn’t know their way around they might stop in the middle of the street instead of passing their turn and circling back. I find that annoying, and really bad driving, actually dangerous, if it is a busy road.

Are they signaling at least?

As far as the bump, when I had a back injury every bump hurt badly. Also, maybe their depth perception is bad and they don’t know exactly how high the bump is.

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Some new drivers don’t know enough to pull far enough out when making a right turn, and then they flatten the tires after hitting the curb. I know two drivers that happened to. One was my sister, on a Memorial Day weekend when she was a teen and learning how to drive. No tire places were open because it was the holiday weekend and my parents were not happy, but these things happen.

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