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Have you had an accident or injury that left you more nervous about doing some things?

Asked by janbb (56598points) 1 month ago
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I had two examples today of how my broken ankle experience and/or aging has hampered me some. Hiking with a friend in a park I was too nervous to go down a steep rocky incline – which is how I broke it last year.

Later in the afternoon, I brought the old Ross to a friend’s to see if her pump worked better than mine. Turns out the wheel needs a new tube and the nozzle is twisted. While there, they asked if I wanted to try their beach cruiser and I didn’t have the confidence to ride it. I will try to fix the Ross or another one I have before buying a new.

TL/DR? Just answer the OP if you care to. I am more interested in psychological after effects than physical but either will do.

Not looking for advice – just sharing.

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I think if you are in any kind of accident, especially if you were at fault it is a blow to your confidence and it takes time to rebuild that back up.

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I even have marks of the injuries happened in my childhood. It also depends on the type of injuries I guess, if you have burn marks then they may appear for a longer time.

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I had a golf cart accident several years ago and I have lasting nervousness about riding golf carts, especially if someone else is driving, and heightened nervousness in a car when going around curves too fast.

My husband races cars, and so he will take a curve at a constant speed that completely pisses me off! He actually usually drives close to speed limits or just 5 over, he isn’t a speed demon on the roads, but on the curves I guess he gets his excitement. The average driver slows before a curve, without the slow down the g force is increased and I just feel like we are going to slide off the road, even worse off a ramp or crash into the wall. I’m extremely sensitive about it, it doesn’t have to be at top speeds.

The roads where I live are 35mph, and the roundabouts are supposed to be 20. If he keeps that continuous speed of just 35 I’m upset about it. A ramp coming off a highway that recommend 35mph and is a downhill circle, God forbid, I beg him to follow the 35 as we approach, especially if we are in our truck. I drive him crazy

I had a back injury in my late 20’s and it didn’t make me nervous, but it made me cautious.

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I fell off a horse once, I say fell, it was more of a slide really.
The bloody thing stopped to take a drink & I went arse over tit, almost ending up in the water trough.

I solved this issue by vowing to never mount a pony again.

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I used to love diving off diving boards at pools. After diving into one at age 20 and breaking my nose, I am so afraid to dive that I will only use the steps or just slip in from the side.

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I have wiped out on my bike a bunch of times now and I’ve been considering a set of wheels on the back to make it a three wheeler…like a big baby
I have tried my neighbor’s three wheeler and while it was nice, it was also heavy and cumbersome.
I like my bike better anyway and like to get back on that horse so I should be alright with that modification.

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25 years ago I injured my knee. I am scared to put my pants on and off while standing. I still do, but it still scares me.

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I was overconfident when I first got my drivers’ license. Then I started to have situations in driving I wasn’t prepared for and freaked out a few times. Thankfully, nothing that caused a major accident or police involved, I don’t have a record. Stuff like going down a one way road on accident, or turning when I wasn’t supposed to and getting honked at for being an idiot/not paying attention. All this happened to occur during a period I had a lot of anxiety about school and just feeling overwhelmed in life, some depression, too. All this combined made me avoid driving for a long time. When I started driving again recently, I’m just a nervous wreck. But I’m paying more attention and taking it slower.

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I was canoeing last year and we hit a log sideways, swamping the canoe and submerging us under the log. We were wearing fishing waders and boots. Luckily nobody was jammed underneath, and the river was shallow enough we could hop up when we sank. I don’t want to canoe in rivers anymore.

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Trust your instincts. After all, what’s your reward for playing the daredevil?

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Had a bike accident and injured my back ( vertebrae jammed together /permanently) and every time I hit a slight bump in the road I feel the pain, so I don’t ride bikes anymore, but am concerning getting a fat bike that absorbs the the impact better.

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oops concerning?
I meant considering.

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I was in a bad car accident about 22 years ago and I tore three ligaments in my foot and had a comminuted fracture of two bones in my ankle. A comminuted fracture means it’s shattered like an eggshell. Long story short, sparing details, the ligaments caused permanent damage and my ankle is not as flexible as a regular ankle, and it is permanently swollen. If I am stepping down off a step, I will always do it so I land on the “good” foot. Of course if I’m going down multiple steps, I will use both feet. After the car accident, since I was a passenger, I would be nervous when in the passenger seat, if I felt the driver wasn’t braking adequately or was getting too close to the car in front of us. I still will sometimes get nervous but usually the people I am in the car with are careful drivers.

@lucillelucillelucille: I’ve seen the adult three-wheel bikes on the internet and they look like fun. Maybe not as agile as a regular bike, but still, looks like fun. Kind of like a bike where you’d want to wear a big hat with flowers on it and have a basket in the front.

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@jca2 -Lol! I can see that:)

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