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Put the words General Social Meta into a coherent well will you do?

Asked by ucme (50037points) June 28th, 2020
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Or don’t, it really is up to you!

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In general, social distancing is encouraged when you meta new people :D

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General Balderdash of the British Air Force, at a social gathering of all the fair and eligible ladies, made an off-handed meta textual comment to one Miss Geraldine Flowers about her missiles.

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General George S. Patton was 6’2” and General Social Meta still is 5’2”.

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I don’t care to even know what anyone thinks the so-called “General Social Meta” is.

I the year 2138, General Social Meta declared martial law in the last remaining human city with an uncontaminated water supply.

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Generalsocialmeta is a condition where one can’t get anything done until they listen to an entire Johnny Gill album.
They cured it in the 1990 but a few cases crop up from time to time.

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Well enough.

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You’ve all done very well.
I mean, not all obviously, but the fat kid at the back always was lazy & unproductive :D

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I meta general at a tea social. (He demanded coffee.)

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The general idea of social distancing is to to try out a meta experiment for everyone in the country, rather than relying on potential vaccines that may be developed in the future.

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