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What are those horns one hears at sporting events called?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) June 28th, 2020
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@RedDeerGuy1 & @YARNLADY-Idk if we’re thinking of the same thing. It’s made of plastic, extendable , really loud and pisses my sister off XD

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@Call_Me_Jay- I had one of those for my little boat but this thing was about 3 feet long, and made of plastic. extendable and loud as hell.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Yes! That is it! Thanks :)

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I got here too late!
I knew right away what you meant, they are so frickin annoying!
First heard them in 2010 at football world cup in South Africa. The fans tooted the shit out of them for the full 90mins, in the end I had to mute the telly or I would have put my foot through it :D

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@ucme-I tried one yesterday during a one sided conversation with my sister yesterday evening.I am still laughing about it. I am surprised that I am here to ask a question about it.

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My oldest son brought one back from his student exchange stay in Germany 10 years ago. We still have it. My husband, youngest son, his girlfriend and I spent New Year’s Eve blowing it for about 30 minutes on our deck. All the passer-byes loved it. :)

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@Jonsblond I’d like a Ricola horn to keep a safe distance from her. Lol

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Air horn?

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@jca2 -@RedDeerGuy1 found it. it’s called a vuvuzela.

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