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Why did Rosie Huntington Whiteley pose with her hands behind her back so much during her time in Transformers?

Asked by Joshman12344 (14points) June 29th, 2020
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Everytime I see a photo of her from transformers events and 2011 events, she seemed to have her hands behind her back. Did she feel comfortable with her hands behind her back? Was she trained to stand like that? Was it a Force of habit?

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Having just looked up her “images” on Google, I think you are mistaken. Plenty of pictures of her with her hands in full view, often as a key element in the picture.

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There are lots of images with her hands behind her back during this time.

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Why would any of us know the reason?

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She was hiding a toaster.

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That sort of pose, hands behind the back, can emphasize one’s figure.

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Wow, she wears god-awful amounts of lipstick, bleh!

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I think she’s beautiful

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