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What’s your earliest memory?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11093points) June 29th, 2020
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I’m sure that this has been asked before, but it’s been awhile?

For me, I remember being three and eating gum off of the sidewalk. My girlfriend remembers throwing herself down the stairs when she was four. Lol!!

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Breaking the toilet tank by accident. I was curious into how it worked. I was a toddler. I lifted the lid and wasn’t strong enough to put it back on.

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I was three and I remember my mom putting my my baby sister in the crib and telling me the pillow was below the mattress so she won’t suffocate.

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Waking in my crib and looking up at the curtains. They had nursery rhyme characters, like a cow jumping over the moon.

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I learned to walk on my first birthday.
I remember because there had to be cake involved.
If not, why bother getting up?

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I remember climbing out of my crib. I could walk, so 2–3 years old maybe. It was morning and I went next door to my parents bedroom. Their door was closed. I knocked and my mother yelled at me to go away.

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I was about three and heard a terrible sound and went to hide in a closet where I was found crying. Years later I realized that it had been the streetsweeper, and the reason that made me cry is because my mom always got very upset when it came by because she had to move the car NOW.

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My earliest recollection is of the Mount St. Helens eruptions of 1980.

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Three years old – - Mom and Dad were building their house. Grandfather and one uncle were construction contractors. The kitchen cabinets were being put up and my grandfather picked me up; handed me a hammer to put a nail in the structure to hold the cabinet to the wall. Bet the nail is still in wall !

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My earliest memory is of fear. I lay in my bed at night, and my eyes would dart between the window and the black hole that was my closet. I looked back and forth, until I fell asleep. I was afraid something was coming to get me. I was never comforted.

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Almost falling down Filbert Street as I jumped off a cable car. I was 2½. A man grabbed my sepweater and saved me before my mother could get me.

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Being set on top of a dresser at the age of 2. My older brother and sister put me there and left me to cry because I couldn’t get down.

I’ve been dealing with abandonment issues my entire life.

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At this point, it’s the memory of a memory: Standing at a hospital bed, watching my great grandmother drink from a sippy cup. I was two. I think I just found that too weird, an adult drinking like I would.

She didn’t live much longer after that moment, and I always thought it was cool that I have this one memory, at least.

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Probably when I shat myself in the living room.

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The nurses putting a net over my crib to keep me from climbing out.

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My first memory is of spilling a drink and being terrified that my dad would hit me so I ran and hid, and got hit anyway. I must have been about 2–3. (No wonder I am so fucked up.)

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I remember being in a crib with a fever and pain in my ear.

I remember the conversation between my parents about getting a Doctor and my father’s hesitation.

The Doctor prescribed liquid medicine of which my mother misunderstood as to how to administer it . She heated it up because it was cold and place a teaspoon full in my ear.

She thus ,in fact burnt my inner ear by doing this as the Doctor came back and corrected this as it was to be administered by mouth not ear channel.

I guess I remember this so well because of the resulting pain felt, searing on my memories of the event.
I was old enough to talk so my guess is I was at age 2 or three?

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3, and meeting my newborn sister for the first time. I remember Dad picking me up to look in the bassinette.
I thought “It’s just a flippin baby! WHAT is the big deal?” I was not happy with that child!

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I’m not even sure what is a real early memory for me and what is based on photos I’ve seen. I have some memories that pop into my head at random moments, but none of them can I exactly pinpoint with certaintly as “the earliest.” It’s kind of unfortunate to me. Reading all these other comments here from people who I’m guessing were born before the huge digital age where a photo is taken every two seconds after birth haha. Imagine actually remembering things genuinely and bot having photos of everything. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate we live in a time with this technology to preserve stuff, but still…..

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I remember the day JFK was killed. I was in diapers. I remember about half an hour of that day, and then the day of his funeral a friend of my mom’s was there to watch with us the coverage on tv. I couldn’t get anybody to hold me or play with me so I made a pest of myself.

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I remember JFKs funeral processions. I was 5, and lived i Florida. Mom hollered out the back door that JFKs funeral was going on.
I ran into the house, my 3 year old sister followed me..and snapped her pinky finger off below the first joint when the door snapped shut.
JFKs funeral was black and white on TV, but brilliant Technicolor RED for me. Jesus.

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I remember the row home we lived in before we moved when I was three, but only in one memory. I was on the front porch/stoop, and I remember looking back into the house through the screen door, looking down the hallway and being able to see the wooden rocking chair that my mom still has to this day.

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I have a vague memory of marshmallows at a hotel in Australia, as well as a blinking red light on a hotel phone. These I have always believed to be my earliest memories, even if I can’t picture them properly in my mind’s eye. I would’ve been around 2, on a business trip with my family to Melbourne in 1993.

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Swimming lessons when I was 5. I was crying because another kid took my foam noodle lol

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Not sure of the age, but pretty small. We lived next to a park and I left the house and was playing there alone when mom finally found me. Maybe 3–4?

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