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Has anyone ever placed his/her own parking ticket on your car?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (12065points) July 7th, 2020
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I just learned that this really is a thing. People believe that many, if not most, drivers don’t look at the small details on a parking ticket, and that they’ll go ahead and pay it. The guilty ones think of it as a gamble; at least some their tickets will get paid by unsuspecting, but responsible, individuals.

Until today, I hadn’t been aware of this behavior. Have you encountered it?

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An old friend said he and his brother did it while at a concert down on the coast, they came out and noticed just about all the cars had been ticketed they put theirs on another vehicle must have worked they never heard anything about it.

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A pigeon placed its shit on there.
This made me quite irate.

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No. But I haven’t gotten a ticket since 1996.

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The thing is the cops write down the license plate, don’t they?

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Yeah they do @Dutchess_lll most people don’t look at the details of the ticket they just pay it.

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It would not work on me, I look at that sort of thing to find an out.

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I find it hard to believe “most people don’t look at the details” ... sure maybe some. I know if I get a parking ticket I will scrutinize every bit of it, to understand the claimed infraction, and of course to figure out how the thing will cost. Along the way I’m sure to check the license number.

Do people really pay a parking ticket without looking at it? They aren’t cheap around here.

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I had someone try it with me. Only problem was that I was parked in the parking lot of a grocery store so nobody was going to get a ticket unless they were parked sideways or in a handicap zone with no handicap tag or parked in a fire zone & none of those applied to me. Whoever wrote the ticket had pretty good penmanship & I could read the name & address of who had actually received the ticket & I could read the name of the cop who had issued it. I live in a really small town where everybody knows everybody so on my way home, I stopped at the police station & the officer who had issued the ticket was on duty. I explained what had happened. He laughed & told me to give him the ticket & he would take care of it. I gave him the ticket & I proceeded on home.

I saw the cop later on & he told me that they didn’t pay the parking ticket & they were stopped for speeding after that & when the deputy called in to verify their info, the outstanding parking ticket came up on their record. The deputy gave them a speeding ticket with a huge fine to entice them to go to court to fight it. When they showed up in court to complain about the high fine, the judge asked them about the outstanding parking ticket & they claimed that they had lost it & didn’t know where nor how to pay it because they couldn’t remember how much it was. The cop who had written the parking ticket was in court & he asked to speak with the judge. When called to the bench, he gave the judge the ticket that they had left on my car & explained that the ticket had mysteriously shown up on a completely different car & that concerned citizen had turned it back in as “not their info”. The judge found them guilty, doubled the fine on the speeding ticket, tripled the fine on the parking ticket, & then he told them that they had 2 options…(1) pay both fines before leaving the courthouse…or (2) go straight to jail for 90 days each ticket for failure to pay, They had made a few phone calls & sat at the courthouse all afternoon until their parents brought them the money.

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I asked this question because the ticket thing happened to someone I know. He found a parking ticket under his wiper blade, read it carefully, and saw that it wasn’t for him.

A parking ticket always includes an addressed mailing envelope, to facilitate a quick response and payment. This guy put the ticket into the envelope and sent it, but not before he’d included a nasty note. “I’m not paying this fine…Shove your ticket up your @$$...Go to hell and bring your ticket with you…[Expletive, expletive}…” He guessed that the rightful recipient would face much greater consequences than if the ticket had simply been ignored.

Yes, this action was petty and childish. But, isn’t it also hilarious?

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