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What question would you ask a magic 8 ball that actually worked?

Asked by AsksQuestions (67points) July 15th, 2020
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Wouldn’t it be nice if it wasn’t just a toy?

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Does Donny Osmond love me?

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When you lie down do some people mistake you for an apeiron?

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Wth is a “apeiron”?

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Why the hell am I here?

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~Should I chuck you in the garbage?

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Can things get better for me before I die?

Who is the fairest in all the land?

Is 42 really the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

What are the numbers that will be drawn in the next Powerball drawing?

Will any of my writing be financially successful?

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It won’t give you lottery numbers @PattyMelt! Or tell you who is the fairest in the land.

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Where. Who or what are the answers emitting from?

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You don’t know the “Magic 8 ball” @Inspired_2write?

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What is that liquid inside of you?

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Will trump win the election again?

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Will the AMC Gremlin be brought back into production again???

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^ I hope so!!

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@chyna – It’s a dream of mine too!

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@Inspired_2write: The Magic 8 Ball is a toy which is a small black ball (like a small bowling ball) with a little clear window on one side. Inside is a triangular piece of plastic with various answers on it, like “maybe” and “yes” and “no.” You ask a question, and then shake the Magic 8 Ball and one of the sides of the triangle will appear in the window (floating in the liquid) and that will be your answer. It can probably be found on Amazon or in stores that sell toys. So for example, you ask it “Will I ever get married?” and you shake it up and it will come up with your answer. It’s just a silly toy but it’s kind of fun for about five minutes (or less haha).

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It is actually an enlarged billiards eight ball, which is black.

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Of course I know what that is!
I was asking spiritually “where” was the answers “really” coming from?
Not physically like a device/toy ?

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If Coronavirus will be done soon. And, if we could actually get a working Magic 8 Ball.

Forgot about these. They are no longer made, I don’t think.

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