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Who were your parents' favourite bands/singers when they were in their teens & how about now, assuming they're still around?

Asked by ucme (50037points) July 22nd, 2020
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As asked!

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Johann Strauss, Stan Getz, Frank Sinatra & Sarah Vaughan are some that they listened to.

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My parents are in their 90s, but even in their youth (the 1940s) they were not into contemporary music of the time. All of my grandparents were old-school former European classical music listeners. Nothing contemporary for them.

All of their favorite composers died 150+ years ago.

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My Mom loved Hank Williams, Little Jimmie Dickens, and The Sons Of The Pioneers.

My Dad loved the Ink Spots, Glenn Miller, Nat King Cole, and Billy Eckstein.

They loved them till they died. My Mom became a huge fan of Billy Ray Cyrus. How big? He knew her by name.

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Beatles, Elvis, Cassidy, etc… Every Saturday we’d clean and listen to records.
I adore Simon & Garfunkel, John Denver, Mamas & Papa’s, Jim Croce, etc..all due to those Saturdays.

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My mom was born in the early 1940s (she was pre-baby boom as the war was still going on when she was born) and she liked Motown.

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My parents loved The Beatles, The Stones and The Who
All that 60s stuff.
I heard it all day long and into the night.
And frankly I like it too.
I like the way Englishmen took American Chicago blues and made it their own
Or in some cases just reinvented pop music.
And they did it without degrading women, cops, or each other which in my opinion serves no purpose.

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Mom was into Elvis, Johnny Mathis, Patsy Cline, Frankie Valli, Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass.

Dad was into Petula Clark, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Roy Clark, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash.

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Connie Francis, Burl Ives.

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Dad was into any of the big bands. Mom had the hots for Frank Sinatra.

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