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What are the biggest technological threats in future?

Asked by haridev (25points) July 29th, 2020
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Everything is digital now. Data are evolving as valuable assets. Is it safe to use all our information including biometric in a digital manner?

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Too early to tell. Ask when the future is closer. Technology is just a tool – it can be used for good or for bad.

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AI could go really badly. Digital surveillance by private corporations is already a major problem that seems to only get worse. True story: a weight-loss bariatric surgeon ran an ad campaign where he targeted people entering a geofence zone around all of the city’s divorce attorneys’ offices.

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Face recognition. No where to escape from big brother.

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Big Tech and evil people.

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Bad leadership. Tech is powerful, so we must learn from our mistakes, plan for the future, and hang on tight. Shit leaders do shit jobs and we all pay for it.

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The biggest threat is our dependence on digital technology.

Not many can read a map anymore and they reply on GPS etc

One day our power will shut off from overuse or deliberately and its results would be chaos.

Learn to use old methods like a compass,map,instructions to operate machinery by hand etc

Other than an old fashioned bike many will have serious transport problems.

Refrigerators will shut down as well as microwaves etc

One should learn how to store food on how to dehydrate foods and make preserves etc

How to filter water from a stream etc.

These will come in handy should a disaster strike.

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@Inspired_2write These will come in handy should a disaster strike. when a disaster strikes.

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I see facial recognition as a good thing.

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I assume that you understood the message regardless of grammar etc
But thanks anyways .

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@Inspired_2write The grammar change was used to transform the possibility indicated by should a disaster strike to the certainty indicated by when a disaster strikes. With the current level of climate change, political divisiveness or any number of other factors, a disaster is, IMHO, as inevitable as our current health and political crisis.

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