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Have you ever dated someone who was a twin?

Asked by Jeruba (52837points) August 2nd, 2020
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If so, how was that unlike dating other people?

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I did. And it was bizarre in that there was no possibility of dating just one of them at a time. Now while there are fellas who might think such a thing a pleasant prospect, they clearly haven’t thought through the negatives. I certainly hadn’t, and it was another really interesting lesson in life.

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Back in high school during the summer, my buddy had a ski boat; he dated one sister Gail , I dated Pam. We’d go water skiing in Long Island Sound.

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A friend was getting married, and the rehearsal dinner was at the bride’s uncle’s house. That night I met the brides cousins, identical twins Adrian and Bernadette. (A and B).

A week or so later, the bride told me her cousin liked me, and I called Bernadette and asked her out. We dated for almost a year.

About six months after we started dating, the bride said, “I was surprised you started dating Bernadette because Adrian was the one that told me she liked you”.

It really wasn’t that different from dating other people, because they weren’t living together at the time. But there were a lot of coincidences that were unexplainable. Adrian would show up places out of the blue, and Bernadette and I were there. I would take Bernadette somewhere, and Adrian would be there with somebody else. It got spooky at times/

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